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  1. customers like it, in my opinion there is a personal problem from your side to mine. x) *LOCK*
  2. there is actually a small presentation of it https://www.behance.net/gallery/70254257/blacksectorsolutions-logo
  3. The current logo is not my work. I did one not that long ago but im not gonna share it. I actually have whole bss corporate design ready since I did it as a prom project.
  4. was doin a new behance, sorry, link should be repaired.
  5. floW

    My design BSS

    It looks good but the first problem is that its not BSS colors and the second one you might not know about is that @how02 hates rounded corners.
  6. Well my favourite country is Spain but i dont think that they can win with their condition they have atm. So I am fan of everything except Portugal.
  7. Well ty. I am going to do some more design of like wallpapers / panels etc .. I am just waiting for summer holiday to start.
  8. I mean .. it looks good in my opinion but the game performance is still bad. But this is a nice change after the years of playing this.
  9. floW


    Hi and welcome here, we are glad to have you. Enjoy our high-quality cheats in the future. Have fun. @Parkpark
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