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Found 15 results

  1. Hello guys, i have prepared a review panels for you, everyone can use it. If you want me to add something, just let me know in comment section. MY BEHANCE PORTFOLIO: https://www.behance.net/marty_kral MY WEBSITE (CZ ONLY) http://www.flowgfx.xyz/ #1 Your misc review. Your aimbot review. Your visuals review. Your triggerbot review. #2 Your misc review. Your aimbot review. Your visuals review. Your triggerbot review. #3 Your misc review. Your aimbot review. Your visuals review Your triggerbot review. W A L L P A P E R S #1 https://imgur.com/ZC0C2xo
  2. Здравствуйте,уважаемые пользователи сайта blacksector.solutions! Я давно планировал сделать обзор на мой любимый чит для PUBG. Aimbot: Это одна из самых лучших функций чита. Аимбот можно настроить полностью под себя. Этот аимбот подойдёт для тех ,кто любит играть легитно и для тех ,кто любит играть по рейджу. Esp: Одно из самых лучших esp ,что я видел. Огромное количество настроек ,каждый сможет настроить индивидуально для себя. Кодер чита все время добавляет какие-то плюшки, например недавно добавил фильтр лута и трассеры на гранаты. Color Maneger: Здесь вы можете настроить подскоку видимых ,не видыимых игроко, лута и многое другое. Friend List: Здесь вы добавляете ник своего друга, с котрым вы играете. Сделав это у вас не будет работать аимбот на вашего сокомандника.  Crosshairs Selector: В данном разделе вы можете настроить статический прицел, который будет показывать куда летят ваши пули. Очень полезная функция.  Bind Manager: Здесь вы можете забиндить любую кнопку для абсолютно любых функций чита. Settings: Здесь в можете создать сборку ваших настроек. Сохранить ваши настройки или выгрузить их.  AutoUpdate: Самый большой плюс этого чита, что вам не страшны маленькие обновления. Чит автоматически обновится и вам не придётся терять много времени. Моё впечатление о чите: Раньше я пользовался читом от другого известного проекта, но я не получал особого удовольствие используя его. Но чит от bss даёт мне те изоцитолизин которые я хотел испытывать. Я снимаю шляпу перед администрацией сайта ,что сделали такой замечательны продукт.
  3. Whats up, after using this for a month and barely any forum activity, I thought I should at least make a review ESP [10/10] > Probably one of the most fluid esp's I've ever used, no lags, no delays, everything smooth without problems. > You can customize every color and visibility for each category > Shows held item, distance, HP bar and even skeleton with animations > Can set keybinds for Resources, Loot, etc so you dont have to go to your menu every time you want to change what you can see Aimbot [10/10] > I don't think there is much you could improve, it predicts bullet drop, bullet speed, player speed and movement. > Customizable options for each gun that you can load and unload, with smoothing and humanizing options for each gun or in general. Misc [9/10] > Debucamera that you can bind to a key and exit any time > No fall damage, which is like featherfall (Kinda obvious if somebody sees you but so is no fall damage in general) > Probably the best speedhack out there. You can adjust the speed up to 5x (also with keybinds) and it also works for bandiging, syringes, etc only thing I'm missing is always hit ore hotspot and then its a 10/10
  4. bobbafatso

    Rust hack

    I had to just do a quick review after using this cheat for almost 6 weeks or so. It has really given me alot of fun in many ways you can`t have without blacksector, maybe i am wrong but i doubt it. Aimbot 9/10: It can be buggy once a week, but other then that they enemy should just pray they have good cover Esp:10/10: It has everything you need and then some Misc: 10/10: Freecam, speedhack, fast gather, daytime, location marker, friends list. Location marker and friends list isn`t in the misc menu, but i take it in the same category in this review. Freecam is one of the things that really makes this cheat op for various reasons, when you are going to raid, counter raid, farming++. Location marker, awesome to have, specially in vanilla servers or servers without tp. Friends list, good to have, but not necessary in my mind. Different people, different opinions. I miss waterhack now and then, but its not a big miss, i personally barely used it. All in all, superb cheat 9.5/10
  5. Alexx525

    Rust Review

    Hey, i purchased this cheat for 1 week and i loved it. AIMBOT - Very is accurate, predictions are good too. Don't have what to say more about it, just awesome. ESP - Great, i had everything that i needed, it was good for raiding because i saw their cupboard, chests and traps. MISC - SpeedHack, NoFallDamage, DebugCamera, NoRecoil/NoSpread and Water Hack. Everything worked perfectly as i thought it will. MENU - I found everything fast and it was easy to configure. OVERRALL - 11/10. I recommend this cheat for everyone, it was best week of my playing rust. Don't hestitate and buy it.
  6. lucozadeon

    Rust review

    Let me first start this post about how impressed I am with the rust cheat. Injecting 10/10 The cheat itself is without any problems, never had any issues or crashes with this. Aimbot 9/10 Aimbot is great, works really well with guns most shots hit the target not all but most. You can't fault it, it would be 10/10 it should be too but it's not because of no silent aim and aim predict can be off sometimes. Overall though once you've got a gun you're going to win most if not all battles against anyone. Esp 10/10 You can't fault Esp at all, everything you want and need to see shows up, you can colour code anything you want and every node tells you what type it is ie sulfur metal and stone which is a bonus. I've tried many rust cheats and nothing comes close to the Esp that's included in this. Anytime a new player joins the server it shows them and alot of cheats have problems with this but not blacksectors they've really outdone it with this one. Misc options Daytime always works brilliantly not much can be said about this but you see everything at night. Free cam works good but it used to be debug camera where you could bind the key, it was alot easier to use when you could do that, that's the only fault I can see in this one. There's many other misc options but I don't feel the need to use them as Aimbot and Esp is all you ever need in a rust cheat. As I state the cheat is still being developed and worked on and the little problems I have will be worked on by the time it gets released to the public. Well done to the blacksector team you've outdone yourself with this and I look forward to 2018 with you guys, happy new year to the team and everyone on the forums.
  7. blaspemy

    Fornite Cheat

    Ill just make this quick and simple 11/10 everything is perfect.
  8. Menu 10/10 - The menu has a really nice and clean look to it. It's easily navigateable and has a nice layout. Everything is laid out at the bottom in a tool bar fashion with easy to recognise buttons labelled for all of the features, each with their seperate menus (which can be dragged around the screen for your preference). Aimbot 8/10 - The aimbot is extremely powerful and has so many features that lets you customize it to your play style. You can make it into a ragebot by cranking up the FOV, or make it legit by turning down the FOV. The aimbot can be changed to focus targets based on their health, distance or the FOV setting. You can also change which bone you want to lock onto (Head, Chest, Stomach or all at once) as well as being able to switch targets. You can also enable VisCheck (Visibility Check) so the aimlock does not snap to players behind cover. One great feature is that you can change the aim key bind for more legitimate play (Such as Alt to use sparingly or Left Mouse to use as more of a legit aim assist than a plain aimlock). ESP/Visuals 8.5/10 - The ESP is very well laid out and neat. It's really amazing and you can change the colour settings on every part of it such as PlayerVisible, PlayerBehindCover, Loot Colour etc. The ESP recently got updated to add Loot ESP which is the most convenient and useful feature so far! This allows you to pick your drop point much easier to prioritise guaranteeing you get a gun on your drop. You can show players, loot and more. Misc 10/10 - No spread & No recoil - No recoil and no spread make the aimbot even more unstoppable than without them. These make your fire rate and shooting mechanics a lot more overpowered because it removes the two most important checks from the weapons when firing normally and makes your shot 200% more deadly especially if you are a ragehacker. Radar 10/10 - Nothing more I can mention about the radar other than it does its job very well. If you want to play without ESP, you can simply use a legitimate aim assist setting on the aimbot and use the radar to get a semi-accurate reading of the enemies location without looking too illegitimate whilst playing. Really simple, shows enemies and team mates. Security 8/10 - So far, I had two accounts banned. However, one was using a public cheat so it didn't count. But after a system change, IP change and reg clean, I did get one ban so far whilst exclusively just using Black Sector (will update if anymore happen) so I'm not sure. It has decent security and did manage to play for a day or two before that ban. I was also using semi legit settings which was strange. However, on my current account I seem to be fine (so far!). Decent security and most users haven't been banned or affected so far! Overall rating 9/10 - Overall I'd give the cheat a 9/10. It has some really nice features and it's great. It doesn't impact performance much at all and has everything you need. Recommendations (Features to Add): Airdrop ESP, Golden Chest ESP, Stream-Proof Mode (Confirmed they won't add this ). Thanks for the great product and continue with the nice regular updates guys!
  9. Hey, this is my review for Fortnite after 48h usage. Menu - 10/10 Good design, really clean with the different categories to customize Aimbot, ESP, Radar, ignore target, and color. Aimbot - 8/10 The aimbot was great but could be improved by adding more features such as projectile prediction for the sniper. Aimbot could set up easily via the menu, wanted to play legit or blatant with it. ESP - 8/10 The ESP is working very good for me, no FPS drop. Why 8/10, because of only a few features right now, only 2D, and general info(name, distance, weapon, health, ammo, skeleton), no loot ESP for now, and no PVE support. But current ESP was good enough if you only play PVP. Radar - 9/10 Works nice, even though it's a bit confusing at the first time setup(that you need to keep settings open when open radar menu). Overall: Cheats 100% recommended purchasing, between money and the features you get, was worth of money to buy. Injecting also easy, and no special instruction to make it works. You could use cheats with VPN too.
  10. So far my experience with BlackSector Solutions has been the best by far, in terms of the zero to some amounts of help given. lol I've asked a few times in the shoutbox about the CSGO cheat's aim settings and i didn't get a reply until the day after... This is in the shoutbox, mind you. As for the csgo cheat, I'm not really feeling like it's really good for legit play, I feel as if I've been robbed with how good this cheat was, as soon as I used it a few times, I wasn't really liking it. You can tell yourself that you're cheating with how the bot works. I was going to apply for a refund... But let's be honest, that ain't gonna happen. I don't even know why there is a silent aim option since it does nothing. The good things are that the skin change is good, bunny hop, etc. Is working fine. Good sections. Security is the best by far when it comes to this though, don't really have to worry about anything. I'm sure others can agree with me. But are just not speaking out. Thanks
  11. Disclaimer: I’m a dyslexic retardo so If you get triggered by shit spelling / grammar sorry fam Alright boys so I’m relatively new here on RH but I would like to start off this review by stating to stay here and use the csgo cheat for the foreseeable future I will start off with the high point for me the aim bot the only thing I really have to say about the aim bot is that if configured correctly it is fucking unbelievable the first time you use it you instantly realise why people recommend this cheat all over the CS:GO scene for legit hacking it’s the best I have used by miles so far. ESP/Visuals: the ESP on RH I have found to be very simple there is everything you could need but not much more than that and I agree that as suggested by other users chams would be a good edition. One other gripe I have also seen is about the radar being a overlay and not dots on the actual in game radar honestly you get used to it pretty fast and It makes little difference to me but I can see the advantages of the in game system. The misc settings of RH are basically the bare minimum that I have seen on a cheat so far being only bunny hop and auto pistol. Saying this I can’t really think of any features that a legit cheat could really add, so if you are about chat spamming and flexing your e-peen this probably isn’t the cheat for you. Skin changer: The skin changer works well I would say that on any cheat that I have used recently skin changers are a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to optimization / causing lag when skinning your guns and it’s the same here. Security: the devs of this cheat seem pretty certain about the cheats security from VACand the fact that they are memeing EAC with rust leads me to think that the probably know what they are doing and the solid 0 detections also helps. I don’t really use trigger bots much but for all purposes of this review I have tried it a few times and it does its job I suppose. GUI: this is totally up to your own opinion but I think the grey RH GUI is just 8/8 Summery: RH so far seems like a decent community with a lot less of the flexing aids I have seen in other communities it’s kept feeling professional and the product I have received seems professional too. Anyone at this point that I bump into that’s looking for a legit cheat for cs will be sent straight here. Personally I have paid for one month of your csgo cheat and I plan on bumping it up to 3 and sticking around when my current subscription runs out. The discord community seems alright not really my thing but I have had text chats in there with multiple RH users and everyone just seems to remains about shit and chill which is cool and definitely helped me feel welcome. Thanks for reading and sorry for any aids spelling / grammar. -TayTay
  12. Hello guys, here is my personal Review after one week using this hack. Sorry for my potatoe english but you will love it <3 Aimbot: 8/10 Why I give only 8 points? First of all the aimbot works like a charm! But it needs more love to work smooth. He works a little bit frantic in my opinion. I tried the humanize function and i dont feel any difference, or maybe I am to dumb to set it up correctly ESP: 10/10 This ESP is one of the best ESP what you can imagine. So much you can display with it. You want to hunt a beautiful bear but you dont find one? Then turn this beautiful ESP on! You want to farm Stone but you dont find any sulfur, metal or Ssone spot? Then turn this beautiful ESP on! You looking for weaponcomponentchest but you dont find any shit? Then turn this beautiful ESP on! Misc: 9/10 The misc features in this hack are awsome! The possibilitys with the settings are endless! You know already the features because everyone posted them! All what I need to said is, that it works perfectly!! All of them! The ladderhack should be run smoother but this is crying on a high level ;D Performance: 10/10 My mind is blowing away with this awsome performance!! - No fps drops!! - Inject so fast like a bolt - Sometimes the Picture is flaring but I dont give a fuck Thank you for your hard work! Hope for a bright future! Greetings furchenlurch88 <3
  13. I've never been much for hacking in games... I used to mostly spend time ragehacking in tf2 when i was bored and it was something i got bored of fast. However, after constant recommendations by my good friend, thebiglad500 I finally caved and bought BlackSector for CS:GO to see what the fuss was about. After a few days of using it, all i can say is wow, this hack is superb. As someone who knows bugger all about hacking, i can say that the options and interface of this hack were extremely intuitive and i learnt the ropes very very quickly. In addition, the functionality of the hack is top notch. Options work as advertised and the hack is reliable and has yet to be detected on my account and my friends account. My friend has been using it for months too, which really boosts my confidence when using it. I feel confident that i wont be subject to a VAC ban while using this. So, it's User friendly, functional and undetected!!! My issues with the hack are really too minor to post and probably have more to do with my idiocy rather than the hack itself. Overall, i cannot recommend this enough! It's reliable, user friendly, highly functional with some nice features and of course it's undetected! I plan on staying with blacksector as i'm extremely impressed with what i've seen so far and while i wish there were a few ragehack options for casual games, i understand that this may be out of the question for this hack, considering that it's more for legit play. I can say that buying this and fucking about with it changed my stance on hacking in games and i've gotta say, it's been a blast! 10/10 - Masterclass!
  14. I played for a month with this cheat, and I can honestly say that this cheat, for such a small price is so much better than other cheats. Aimbot legit: 10/10 easy to configure, never got called out, play like I'm global. This aimbot really has something going triggerbot: 8/10 because I wasn't really inclined to using it that much, because the aim bot does all the work. But it's good with the awp esp: 10/10 amazing. It looks nice, so customizable, it's setup so it does not block your view at all. interface: 9/10 the menu looks pretty good and is easy to use. This cheat is just buy, then cheat... within minutes. Security: 10/10 never been banned. Played multiple games a day, on and off. Probably had about 80-100 hrs. rage: 6/10 it is very good. You won't have a problem dealing with anyone, except for people with rage cheats. This cheat is not meant for raging I don't think, but if you want to you can a little bit. bhop 8.5/10 it looks really legit. And if it worked any better it would be fishy and I wouldn't use it, but some autostrafe of something would be nice for raging/messing around setting up process: 10/10 nevwr had a cheat that was as easy to use as this one. staff: 10/10 despite language barriers, they still helped me when ever I had the smallest of problems. Honestly some cheats like AA or I webz are decent, but their staff is terrible.... this is a big deal and reason I'm going to invest in the rust chest as soon as possible
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