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  1. HiTaSs84


    How is the rust skillz working? is it up?
  2. Its so fun to clap other cheaters, atleast in rust kek..Remember last year i used these skills how02 made, we clapped admins and some chinks that was cheating...To funny
  3. For crying out loud, make skills for Apex =)
  4. But he is selling cheese, expensive cheese
  5. Nice vid, damn i miss the rust cheat lol. So fun
  6. That sounds like allot of work..its hard enough to get around as it is, and if they have a Public cheat its going to get detected very often. Few slots, great cheat…And i have to say, bss is 10/10
  7. HiTaSs84

    Rust hack PvP

    well i did use everything, just use it smart like no pre-fire etc. But the cheat got "detected" or something so i stopped using it. Stil play on the cheater account tho
  8. HiTaSs84

    Rust hack PvP

    depends how you look at it, i played allmost 700 hours without getting banned. Only 2 server bans
  9. Damn i miss the bss rust cheat...so damn good
  10. lol,experienced something familiar..well i was on pixie and our clan used to give away 1 day before wipe etc, then one day i gave allot of stuff to a guy. Then the next wipe this guy started to pm me, wanted to join Our clan etc. After 2-3 wipes he joined. He allways come back With 3-4 gear sets, allot of sulf etc. After a litle while we figured he was cheating tho, even he said he didnt. After some bans he said he was and we didnt realy care. We had a blast and became friends. Then i joined here and had so much fun With the rust hack, the funniest thing we did was to make some asian hacker rage hack on us It was hillarious
  11. Agreed, dont bother about shit kids that cant play without cheats
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