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  1. Hello

    Welcome to BSS, i hope you will enjoy your stay here
  2. About rust hack

    Invited people can buy and use Rust cheat.
  3. [TUT] How To Use The BlackSector Watermark

    I think this is quite simple but anyways thanks for this tutorial
  4. ban rate of pubg?

    Yesterday for first time i think but how02 is working on fix for it.
  5. Rust glitchs/exploits

    Thanks, i'll try it out.
  6. What is your favourite RUST hack feature?

    I love every feature, but mostly Aimbot and Speedhack
  7. Question about Rust cheat

    I think this is up to you, BSS is really great cheat but if you don't have cheats and you really want to cheat then just use AA till applications will be opened. If you will come daily, help people, be friendly in shoutbox i'm sure your chances will be only bigger to get Rust Cheat.
  8. Warner you use your first hack?

    I think it was in GTA San Andreas Singleplayer
  9. Lokidoki's Rust Review

    Great review and those panels are nice too
  10. Are there any games you wouldnt cheat on?

    Fortnite i think
  11. Linwes Rust Review

    Sick review (y)
  12. The Ultimate Pubg Review (In depth)

    Nice review
  13. Scammer Among Us

    Thanks for reporting this.
  14. Nice video, i didn’t understand anything but it is still good review and tutorial.