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  1. Yo, can you send me the dll? I dont have it.
  2. You mean that game that already died out in Q1 of 2018??
  3. You realize its the same anti cheat? He's been working on the fix for eac.
  4. I've given up on rust. After 7k hours (before my main got banned for nothing I started cheating for another 1k hours) the game has died to me. It's time for something new, you might not like it but moving on is better at this point and time. I'd like to see a Apex cheat from bss, there are a lot less options for Apex than there are for rust... So your statement is redundant. Anyway I hope you have a nice day.
  5. I thought I might as well do this post so that it would be clear what people want. Voting for only rust or apex means that you don't care if (for example you choose apex in the vote) rust gets discontinued. Works the other way around too. https://www.strawpoll.me/17423729
  6. The problem your having is called a hwid ban, which is a common issue and cannot be fully resolved at this point in time.
  7. Bss is a good cheat, sadly how02 focuses on PUBG alot, probably 70/30 ratio of PUBG/RUST. I know that its not up to the users but i think alot of us wish that rust would get focused, especially now that pubg is dying.
  8. Nice to see that my bypass works for you too :D
  9. Thx For all the nice feedback I'm getting just tried to be honest and I guess it worked. I'm sorry i wasn't able to record the video yet ;( ill record & edit it this weekend, I'm extremely busy atm, I should be able to start recording tomorrow. I know that Thompson & mp5 works, but you need to have no spread activated. As if no-recoil isn't obvious enough... we really need RCS.
  10. So these are my thoughts on the Rust hack with the features that are available atm (30/4/2018) If you would like to know what the hack dosent allready have (Suggestions), ive made another threat you can find here: So the aimbot gets a 7/10, simply due to the fact that it's completely unusable without no recoil & when players start zig-zagging. (You can kill them when their zig-zagging but its obvious af because you have to spray with your gun with no recoil on) Also, the bow aimbot really needs work, it's literally impossible to hit shots when they're moving a lot. (Beca
  11. Same Bitches - Post Malone, G-Eazy, YG (No Youtube Video that hat the actual song, their all fakes) (Both songs work, idk why youtube wont show the thumbnail)
  12. Tbh I'm really wishing for a less obvious No Recoil for rust, I mean Something like a script or something like RCS from csgo... Shooting a Staight line is kind of obvious. Anyway if you want a good script try out Legit-Helpers
  13. Tbh I have some experience with this, and your right, for mainly Rust, CSGO and PUBG a Logitech mouse is the best for free scripts but no one can tell you if your gonna get banned for using them since their so commonly spread, if you want something that you won't get banned for id recommend a Bloody Mouse and that u use scripts from a site called Legit-Helpers, they cost money but at least their safe I can confirm that you can even keep your old mouse and just use their drivers. They work pretty well and won't get you banned ive used them for months.
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