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  1. Fortnite: AIM/ESP + MISC - Full 21 Kill game

    Thank you
  2. [Suggestion]

    Add a new cheat - The Culling just came out of early access and is using unreal engine 4 and has easy anti cheat.
  3. This is my second video, i have had so many crashes from Vegas pro rendering this hope it was worth it enjoy!!
  4. Fortnite: AIM/ESP + MISC! = Victory!

    Thanks for the heads up
  5. Fortnite: AIM/ESP + MISC! = Victory!

    Sorry for the issue before I used some music that had copyright issues and got blocked in other country's, fixed the issue and here is the new link This is just a short few clips of what I can do hope you enjoy it
  6. Application 01/10/2017

    Okay, Thank you
  7. Application 01/10/2017

    Hello, My name is Elliot and I will be applying for Sponsor position today Here is my channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUL5_AjzXlDjF3eWRkFdeQg I have been selected to work for system cheats before and made a few videos to promote cheats as you can see on my channel, I took a short break from youtube because I left system cheats to work on another project and it didn't work out very well (I was trying to code my own cheats) Just couldn't get my head around c++)). I am also a twitch streamer with over 1k following link: https://www.twitch.tv/itsellio My languages -- I can read write and speak English and I can read and write in Spanish and German. I hope all is well and I have met all the boundary's if any more information is needed please don't hesitate to pm me on discord Extra information I currently use Vegas Pro 14 to edit my videos and have a lot of knowledge in Photoshop and other editing software, all my videos will be rendered at 720p-60fps or 1080p-60fps Disclaimer - As of right now I don't have any videos made with your cheats but that is subject to change if you'd be willing to take me as part of the team. -------------------------------------------------------------- Have a great day Yours sincerely ~Ellio