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With Pubg cheat, only play solo???


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I've  watch some videos about Pubg cheat of Black Solurtion but I only see they play solo. If I play dual or squad and my friends die and spec my account then they will see everything on my screen (I turn on Pubg cheat) the same the videos at Media Directory of forum. Help me a answer. Thanks!

Sorry, I'm bad English.

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I played a ton of duo with a friend.. He spectated me and didn't even question me about anything. Haha

Also I went out my replays to view what it's like if you can see the aimbot from spectating.. No joke the replay I was watching It looked legit. It didn't look like I had aimbot at all.

I would play with friends and not some random dude that way your friends won't report you ;) 



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