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  1. @iThaLove where's your new video.. i need it.. lmao
  2. and im watching this shit again.. its a good fuckin memory.. lmao
  3. i want.... wait!! i have blacksector, sooo i have everything
  4. @iThaLove its shrood, he didn't need to setting up anything.. lmao
  5. even tho i can't understand every single word you write.. but nice review.. lmao
  6. even when your friend spectating you, they won't noticed shit,, spectating pubg was shit and not so accurate..
  7. im the first mudafuckaaaaa.. ?‍♂️
  8. Lagsana

    PUBG Fast

    LMFAO,, the back sound make me laughing so hard.. @LYJ you shrooooddd as fuckboiii
  9. Lagsana

    PUBG FPP Showcase

    aaaaaaanndddd i watched this video again.. wtf LOL
  10. you really take alot of time and hard work to make this review, awsome..
  11. I dont understand what you sayin, but a nice full depth review..
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