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Found 7 results

  1. Hello buds! Decided to do a litte giveaway for my bros! Because why the fuck not? This time the grand price gonna be a 50EUR BSS Gift card that will come in handy for most of you guys! Yeah im a cheap fuck. ik. Explain in this thread why YOU deserve to win, and i’ll get a staff member to pick out a winner for me. GIVEAWAY CLOSES 04.10.2019 18:00 EST Also i would appreciate if the winner of the giveaway could post a picture of the received prize as proof! Good luck!
  2. PUBG account giveaway. person with the most creative profile picture will get it. Just reply here and if you want to opt in. Don't forget to leave a like!
  3. Hey Guys, i often do multiplie Giveaways on different Forums so i started thinking to give something back to the Black Sector Community. Rules • Just Comment something based on what you like to say, so i can notice you for the Giveaway • No Double Comment Draw • Winner will be drawn with Random.org while i shorlty gonna livestream it Good Luck and Have Fun!
  4. SUPP M8TS, Im doing an Account shop giveaway, This means the 2 winners can choose an account he/she like's from my account shop (Any account as long i have them in stock) _________________________________________________________________________________________ Here u can see where to choose from Stock can be found here _________________________________________________________________________________________ Reply with "Im in" to enter Picking a winner on 10 - 4 with some random name picker _________________________________________________________________________________________ Goodluck Boyzzz
  5. Hello everyone. just some ads: im selling rust gifts (RU\CIS) cheap (PM if you need) So go next. All of you need its make +rep, leave post in this thread. You can leave 2 posts in 1 page (Like 2 posts on first page, 2 posts on second and etc). I will pick winner 10/04 via random.org, at first i will pick page and after pick post (1-21). GL & HF
  6. So it seems the only content people can produce *cough**cough* Shiro *cough**cough* is giveaways. And seeing as I sell rust accounts. I might as well give one away!!! So please comment your favorite Animal and color and number. Then I will randomly choose your comment. With a totally random site. Giveaway will close on the 10th of April. Happy new years lads. Winner is Dropdead. Proof video : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/207351013454118914/301095054326628352/video.mov Please leave rep. <3
  7. Sup Peeps, Im doing a Battlefiend 1 origin account giveaway Reply with "Im in" to enter Picking a winner on 31 - 3 with some random name picker Goodluck
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