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  1. Giveaway is over guys! Congratulations to justinlck Send me a pm with youre paypal email and you will receive youre money!
  2. Hey Guys, i often do multiplie Giveaways on different Forums so i started thinking to give something back to the Black Sector Community. Rules • Just Comment something based on what you like to say, so i can notice you for the Giveaway • No Double Comment Draw • Winner will be drawn with Random.org while i shorlty gonna livestream it Good Luck and Have Fun!
  3. Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know there is a scammer in this Forum called "Ivankoff" https://blacksector.solutions/profile/29274-ivankoff/ After i recieved this Email from him with his fake Website as you can cleary see by checking out what i am not recommend [picture removed] I dont know if this ever happend before or got reported, but i want to warn you Guys, especially new User's on this Board! Best Greetings. H4T3
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