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  1. Hahaha clear aimbot use here https://clips.twitch.tv/RichStormySpindleShazBotstix
  2. he literally wrote that the cheat is up despite the status, use at own risk.
  3. i dont keep up with other providers, i just went by what you said lol. you said that we were the only providers. besides, it is still hard to do, so shut up lol
  4. There is a reason why nobody else has/had a spoofer on the public market. it is not easy to do.
  5. I'm not sure that we are this kind of forum my friend
  6. Bitcoin transactions can take a while to process, as thats just how the technology works. @how02 can you check if payment has gone through?
  7. sorry for late reply, it basicly describes how much of a curve the aimbot should make. Very low means it goes in a complete straight line, where high means it archs. Basically imperfections which humans would make. Sort of like this crude paint drawing.
  8. legal issues were coming to other providers, so we just stopped before they went for us.
  9. we are not publically selling it, you need to write an application to the cheat once they open. they are NOT open currently.
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