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  1. koshaan

    HWID Ban Question

    Beware that if you are buying a spoofer from anybody, that it might be a scam. Deal with it at your own risk.
  2. the cheat has not been detected itself, apart from the generic vac detection that hit almost every single provider in May
  3. koshaan

    My design BSS

    Nice work, Did you make this in photoshop, or did you use other program(s) apart from photoshop?
  4. koshaan


    tyvm, i made it myself :))
  5. koshaan


    ayyy ill join
  6. koshaan

    Please take down "VACNet support"

    unknown atm
  7. koshaan

    Loot Boxes and Crates - Hot or not

    99% chance nothing 1% chance pubg for 1 hr
  8. koshaan

    Overwatch bans

    I just said "If they hwid ban" , with emphasis on if. As i mentioned i dont have experience with Overwatch, i just heard its not worth it.
  9. koshaan

    PUBG ESP Review

    these are due to the game im quite certain, not the cheat, but thanks for the review
  10. koshaan

    Overwatch bans

    i dont have much experience with Overwatch and especially not cheating or their bans, but it could be anything from your HWID as a whole (basicly your unique computer components as a whole) or specific things like your hard drive serial number like Rust has done before.
  11. koshaan

    Overwatch bans

    if they hwid ban, you need to do something out of your way in order to change your hwid, or else both accounts will be banned. maybe you can use a spoofer or switch out some computer components.
  12. koshaan


    No, and we wont get one sorry.
  13. koshaan

    With Pubg cheat, only play solo???

    u cant get 15+ kills if theres 3 other people competing for kills
  14. koshaan

    New PUBG Map! 4x4 GET CODE HERE!

    No more codes, hope you all got one before they ran out.