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  1. Rust Hack Subscription

    your best bet is to contact how02
  2. Happy Valentines Ya Weebs

    nah literally only touched it for dark souls 3 this month. u can see all the other games here https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly
  3. Happy Valentines Ya Weebs

    its only 12 bucks in humble monthly, can recommend if u aren't aggressive enough in your life
  4. Happy Valentines Ya Weebs

    yea uhm, 5 hrs into the game and almost broken my controller. looking forward.
  5. Happy Valentines Ya Weebs

    my plan for today is get angry at dark souls. and i'm already doing it
  6. price

    Depends which, and for how long. CSGO is as following: 12.00 EUR per month 30.00 EUR per three months (save 16%) 50.00 EUR per six months (save 30%) 85.00 EUR per year (save 41%) And PUBG is 100€ first month, and then 35€ every month after.
  7. wtf is this royalhack

    what u mean, how02 has been coding for many many years. He coded Royalhack, but then left the site and started this.
  8. wtf is this royalhack

    This is effectively royalhack. The coder how02 left RH and took his cheat with him to Blacksector. Im sure how02 can tell you more info if u desire
  9. pubg last detection ?

    now (its been down for a while, how02 improving the security further)
  10. Where do you guys buy cheap PUG accounts?

    i did not get anything
  11. Where do you guys buy cheap PUG accounts?

    Can you make a video on how to do this im interested
  12. Rust

    It will come at some point, but the security needs a bit of work. At the moment PUBG is the number 1 priority, and only when PUBG is running stable, Rust and EAC will get attention.
  13. Rust

    The Rust users are mainly old customers of the cheat, when it was available to purchase, who have just extended their subscription until now. It is not for sale at the moment
  14. BlackSector PUBG

    epic games v2? 😟😟😟