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  1. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    you should disable resample in vegas, it creates all the blurry parts u see makes the video much more enjoyable, and especially when you speed up video. But yea id like to watch edited footage with highlights instead of a full sped up game and not sped up footage when theres action happening
  2. Fortnite BAN

    Sales are taken down
  3. Dino's Fortnite review

    There is
  4. What is your job?

    My point was, studying IT myself, we do learn some coding like python, java and slight c++, he is probrably under 19, and he said his goal was to become backend programmer, so he is probrably in something like highschool now, and following the path of backend programming afterwards
  5. What is your job?

    here u dont get to the backend developing part until u go to uni at like 19-22 years old. until then its just at most programming in like python
  6. Movie competition!

    Is it cheat related only? And is there some specific watermark/intro to use 🤔🤔
  7. fortine hacks

    1. is it possible to get banned? It is always possible to get banned 2. How to avoid getting ban? Dont play obvious with cheats, and play a few legit games 3. is it 100% safe? no cheat is 100% safe 4. can i play as many time as i want with fortine hacks without ban? Ofc, but eventually u might get banned 5. is there any reports in fortine game which can give me ban or smth? Dont think so 6. how to install fortine step by step ? if you mean our cheat, then you download the loader, inject and go into the game and play 7. is this hack clean? has no rats or other trojan viruses? ofc there is no viruses 8. when was the last time when it was detected or something? Some people have stay unbanned for a while, others get banned a lot. It is both manual bans and automatic so it depends. 9. when fortine was updated last time and updates will be made every month or? Today, and every time needed 10. what functions has fortine hacks? https://blacksector.solutions/fortnite-cheat
  8. 15€ gift card GIVEAWAY

    is this a 15€ blacksector giftcard? count me in
  9. for how02

    damn how did u aquire this leaked footage
  10. Buying a cheat and Auto Renewal

    theres a cancel subscription button on the manage purchases, should be fairly easy to cancel. if you use paypal u can also cancel it inside paypal i think u can cancel it here if there is renewal set up https://blacksector.solutions/clients/billing-agreements/
  11. How does fortnite ban you?

    They use a form of HWID ban but you can "unban" yourself https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/fortnite/235806-hwid-account-unban-tutorial.html not sure if u need a new acc or can play on same acc tho
  12. Intro for BlackSector

    enable easy ease on your keyframes, it will look 1000x better
  13. Fortnite BAN

    if u change hwid wont u need a new hwid reset from blacksector too, costing 3€
  14. how to buy pubg cheat??

    Its not for sale atm, i think u need to be invited to sell it and provide a lot of info and such. But yea its not for sale, they will make some announcement when its ready for sale
  15. Using it on main?

    u shouldnt count on not getting banned tho