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  1. given infinite time; it is like the infinite monkey theorem. You will 100% get banned but also stay unbanned🤔🤔🤔🤔 but yes, battleye is strong, u will likely get banned within a month or two with basically all providers. Unless they work for battleye and bypass themselves. which is unlikely.
  2. counter strike edit :)

    watch in 4k thx
  3. [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    the cheat isnt for sale yet sorry
  4. How can I not be vac!!!

    EAC bans by hdd serial number and not hwid, so formatting wont do anything.
  5. Sponsor application 27/10/17

    so can you with vegas
  6. Sponsor application 27/10/17

    u guys just suck at using vegas lol i use it all the time for syncing, amazing piece of software. but if i could only choose one piece of software, id use after effects
  7. Sponsor application 27/10/17

    holy shit a vegas user that can disable resample
  8. Youtube Sponsorship 28,000

  9. Application for PUBG cheat

    Besides the post above, we would generally prefer that the channels of whoever we sponsor, has a general viewerbase with videos related to gaming and perhaps cheating, and not about shrouds donations or a cat vine
  10. [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    you should disable resample in vegas, it creates all the blurry parts u see makes the video much more enjoyable, and especially when you speed up video. But yea id like to watch edited footage with highlights instead of a full sped up game and not sped up footage when theres action happening
  11. Fortnite BAN

    Sales are taken down
  12. Dino's Fortnite review

    There is
  13. What is your job?

    My point was, studying IT myself, we do learn some coding like python, java and slight c++, he is probrably under 19, and he said his goal was to become backend programmer, so he is probrably in something like highschool now, and following the path of backend programming afterwards
  14. What is your job?

    here u dont get to the backend developing part until u go to uni at like 19-22 years old. until then its just at most programming in like python
  15. Movie competition!

    Is it cheat related only? And is there some specific watermark/intro to use 🤔🤔