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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. Daydream

    Fortnite hack

    is probably permanently disabled
  2. Daydream

    Fps Rust

    thanks for share dude
  3. Daydream

    Youtuber promoting the BSS

    KKKKKKKKKKK o cara dando react no video teu trembo, mal ele sabe que ta ajudando a divulgar a BSS nice Ultimo thanks for help
  4. Daydream

    New PUBG Map! 4x4 GET CODE HERE!

    thanks for share
  5. Daydream

    Rust Hacking #31: Aimbot Obviously

    nice video trembo
  6. Daydream

    My Random Legit Highlight

    wow nice, dude your recoil control is awesome.
  7. Daydream

    Best Rust Cheat

    gj dude. bss cheat is amazing
  8. Daydream

    [Video] Testing out my new render settings (PUBG)

    wow amazing aimbot. nice video, excellent quality.
  9. Daydream

    rust another b1g v1de0

    LOL haha, nice video dude.
  10. Daydream

    Rust Hack :: Review

    Nice review dude.
  11. Daydream


    Wow 100% aimbot legit demonstration . Nice vídeo dude.
  12. Daydream

    New to BS Community

    Hello dude, welcome.
  13. Daydream

    PUBG FPP Showcase

    Nice video dude.

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