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  1. Rust Hacking #31: Aimbot Obviously

    rekt all of em
  2. Rust BlackSector... Is it even good?

    LMAO This rust cheat is amazing is that even a question first off its cheap second the aimbot is awesome and there is a speed hack also esp doesnt crash like every other cheat
  3. blacksector.solutions #Rust Hack aim bot menu

    nice this looks awesome, not gonna lie i love all the vids people post on the rust hack
  4. Rust Helicopter

    Lol rust is perfect
  5. how much $ does ur plug charge u for drugs?

    Drugs are bad stay in school and cheat in games instead
  6. Rust Review

    Thank you this helped a good bit I will try it out and do a review as well when it’s availabe
  7. Rust Hacking EP1 BlackSector Solutions Never Misses

    Nice I’m gonna watch this when I get home
  8. Rust BlackSector... Is it even good?

    The cheat from what I have seen looks amazing.
  9. Rust cheat

    you have to wait because applications are not open right now. There is no ETA when they will re-open. All you can do is try to be active on the forums and wait. Hope this helps.
  10. First rust edit

    Thank you!
  11. Bypassing Rust Bans

    you can buy accounts from http://steamby.ru/steam.html?idd=1888524&codepage=1251&currency=WMR for like 10 dollars just translate to english and go through paypal.
  12. Rust Hacking: Gotta Go Fast!

    Was hoping for a sonic meme and you did not LOL
  13. First rust edit

    That was a cool edit also what was the song name and everything looked super smooth. (dropped a like)
  14. What made you want to hack? (rust)

    I started to become bored and having to grind so i got my first cheat and then began a new era in my life
  15. With the bois in Rust :D

    i like to get mass groups of nakeds then blast music through my mic its honestly my favorite thing to do other than KOS