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  1. PUBG Hacking #2

    Why do you spam the forum after you've been told that you have to be active to try to be inviting to rust hack. You just answered the topic without even bothering to see that the video was no longer available...
  2. Hiding other bans in rust

    Change IP adress, reset HWDI
  3. blacksector.solutions #Rust Hack aim bot menu

    very nice video, thanks man
  4. Rust record/streamproof ?

    Is the rust hack external ? Because external hack can be recorded and hide hack
  5. Hi guys, Do you know if there is a way to record and hide hack ? Is the stream proof implemented on BS rust ? Thanks
  6. omg I want BS rust so bad nice video
  7. lol, I rarely use the aimbot settings, only ESP when visible and sound settings. yeah reportbot exist and work, can make u ban fast
  8. It's like impossible.. With a simple report bot you get banned lol
  9. Rust hack menu and regit battle royale

    Very nice video man, what is "No Sway" with norecoil and nospread settings ?
  10. What games do you play the most?

    League Of Legends > got Master 3 times in 7 month without any bans with LCS (LeagueCoreShine) Got GlobalElite with BlackSector full CSGO Now got 600 hours without ban with Rust hack (not blacksector I wait an invitation)
  11. Rust cheat hacker vs hacker

    What server do u play ? Modded, official or community ? Can't wait to get invitation <3
  12. CSGO Esp Review

    it's good