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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  2. TheSleaze

    [Guide] Alternative to Google Authenticator

    lol good luck getting it to work
  3. Hello Guys, (It is free and If I get a warning for advertising please don't... just remove this post because I am trying to help people that don't have a phone.) Today just a quick guide to present you an alternative to Google Authenticator for 2FA. 2FA guide here https://authy.com/blog/understanding-2fa-the-authy-app-and-sms/ Here the list of the new features : Backup/Restore all 2FA app Sync across multiple devices Just download it there -> https://authy.com/download/
  4. You don't need to use that 1 VPN you can use ANY VPN! Also remember that to DOWNLOAD the game first if you do not have the game installed with the VPN on or else you will not be able to download the game if you do not have the game installed. (sadly because if you have like Russian IP lmao good luck waiting 3 hours for pubg to download)
  5. TheSleaze

    Bypassing Rust Bans

    Using VPN can prevent you from being IP banned on a lot of big servers. It is advised you use a VPN for cheating in most games. It is not really clear whether EAC and Battle-Eye HWID/IP bans people but a lot of people say it. (You can buy VPN's for like years for 2 bucks so I advise you purchase a VPN instead of re-purchasing multiple accounts to try to play on 1 server because you are IP banned) (I have never been personally HWID banned and I have been manual banned multiple times with over 50+ bans.) (this is repost of my answer from another topic in private)
  6. You must have to make an invoices via visa/debit/credit card *** This method can be work with any game on steam such as H1z1,Rainbow 6,Rust *** 1. http://www.vpngate.net/en/download.aspx . 2. After you installed free VPN please follow instruction below 3. Log in your steam account that you want to buy a game on steam and update store region 4. Set it to which region would you like to purchase with the best deal check prices here : Click the link to check which region have the best price Pubg : https://steamdb.info/app/578080/ H1z1 : https://steamdb.info/app/433850/ Rust : https://steamdb.info/app/252490/ Rainbow 6 : https://steamdb.info/app/359550/ 5. Now you can buy the games in very cheap price directly from steam store Rainbow 6 Siege Season Pass Trick : Purchase the season pass through Steam. Launch game and receive all items etc. Go to steam support and refund recent purchases and refund Year 3 Season pass. (Then after wait a week you will have your money back INCLUDING all items you received from the Year 3 Season Pass) (Worked for me with Season 2 not promising that you will receive items but refund is 100%)
  7. TheSleaze

    how much $ does ur plug charge u for drugs?

    wtf trash prices wtf 10$ for 1 g? fucking buy from me ill sell u 7 dollar for 2g LOL
  8. TheSleaze


    不买 日本人,要买的话把你diao给砍了sb 狗日本
  9. TheSleaze

    Bypassing Rust Bans

    if u get banned switch server until ur acc is fully banned. Use VPN to play rust EVERY TIME you cheat. You will be IP banned from most big servers.
  10. TheSleaze

    PUBG BlackSector

    wow ! same bro lol
  11. TheSleaze

    how much $ does ur plug charge u for drugs?

    yes but being adiccrted to hacking in video games is worse! i used waymore money on video games and hacks than drugs
  12. just wondering how much u get ur shit for real xans no pressed shit i get 3 dollars per and they 2 mg (cuz i buy from him constantly and i buy in bulk) (sometimes 2 dollars) for a pack of cigs like 15 sadly but i buy from my asian friend.... molly like 5 dollars per cap not bad but i dont smoke weed anymore but my plug used to sell me 1 gram for around 7-15 dollars depending on what strain etc
  13. TheSleaze

    What do you listen to right now?

    GUCCI GUCCI 2 TIMES SAY IT 2 TIMES GUCCI GUCCI 2 TIMES SAY IT 2 TIMES. but anyway right now Kodak is my #1 rapper cuz i love his music and then 6ix9ine. waiting on 21 to release more music and 50 cent has a good track but he aint dropping it... and also waiting on uzi for more bangers
  14. TheSleaze

    Rust Hack Moments #1

    Yea it definitely was a fun video to watch

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