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  1. I wasn't too legit but I kept my stats low on a bowpvp server (headshotrate under 10%) and more deaths than kills, 27 reports and I didn't get banned, because my stats were legit. https://twitter.com/rusthackreport/status/973671798700208128 Only got banned after I played with @BadBoy25550 we killed a clan thats friends with alistair and we got spectated speedhacking
  2. Hello, I've been working on a spoofer for the new hwid ban system, which got added this month but can't seem to get around their checks. If anyone here knows what EXACTLY they're looking for, please let me know. Some say it's cpu, some say gpu or even bios but noone I spoke to could really confirm it, or tell me what ID's / serials they use to identify. Figured for cpu it might be: wmic cpu get processorid in cmd, but then I read intel cpu's don't give out a unique identifier and it might be windows generated. Would make sense if it's that one because they checked for the harddrive serial before, which you could see if you typed wmic diskdrive get serialnumber. If anyone has any more knowledge on this please help me out here
  3. That one won't even work anymore if they banned you with their new hwid flags
  4. Lol I sent you the spoofers and told you everything I know, you came to me everyday asking 30 questions, at some point even said you'd pay me if I helped you (never did but thats ok) and now you're trying to link it here publicly
  5. How do you know they're checking for cup id now? Couldn't find that anywhere. I heard it's bios id in some cases if they really hate you
  6. Been playing far cry 5 for over 15 hours now, love it.
  7. only manual
  8. Whats up, after using this for a month and barely any forum activity, I thought I should at least make a review ESP [10/10] > Probably one of the most fluid esp's I've ever used, no lags, no delays, everything smooth without problems. > You can customize every color and visibility for each category > Shows held item, distance, HP bar and even skeleton with animations > Can set keybinds for Resources, Loot, etc so you dont have to go to your menu every time you want to change what you can see Aimbot [10/10] > I don't think there is much you could improve, it predicts bullet drop, bullet speed, player speed and movement. > Customizable options for each gun that you can load and unload, with smoothing and humanizing options for each gun or in general. Misc [9/10] > Debucamera that you can bind to a key and exit any time > No fall damage, which is like featherfall (Kinda obvious if somebody sees you but so is no fall damage in general) > Probably the best speedhack out there. You can adjust the speed up to 5x (also with keybinds) and it also works for bandiging, syringes, etc only thing I'm missing is always hit ore hotspot and then its a 10/10
  9. Didnt know you were recording
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