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Found 8 results

  1. i currently have an unpaid invoice for the spoofer but i was afraid to buy it because i didnt know if i would be able to access it. Would i be able to if i paid for the spoofer?
  2. D0X


    10/10 cant say so much but its the best spoofer working 100% $$ get good get blacksector.solutions
  3. When I try to profile or Appy with spoofer, the software closes without permission. Nothing is displayed when closing. The software has been re-downloaded several times.
  4. Does anyone if the spoofer actually works for apex?
  5. Paypal account already has a card added, but you can't purchase because you are required to add a card every time. Can I send money directly to the seller ’s email?
  6. Today, I bought HWID Spoofer which I intend to use for PUBG Lite. I got HWID banned in the game and was hoping to bypass it. The spoofer was easy to set up and I have not encountered any issues in getting it started. Unfortunately, I am still getting banned in the game after a few tries and restarts. I found out (via the super secret discord channel) that it only supports EAC and BE anti-cheats, where PUBG Lite uses both BE and Uncheater. It's a very heartbreaking situation for me that my $12 has gone to the drain within an hour. I am asked in Discord that I can post my issue here maybe there is something that can be done. I am pretty sure that your products are excellent so as your customer service. I am hoping I can hear your opinion regarding this.
  7. So i recently bought the hwid spoofer, before i used it i usually had a stable 70-80 fps on rust. Now, with the same settings and while using the spoofer, i get about 40-50 fps. Is there any way to fix the lag?
  8. Hello, I've been working on a spoofer for the new hwid ban system, which got added this month but can't seem to get around their checks. If anyone here knows what EXACTLY they're looking for, please let me know. Some say it's cpu, some say gpu or even bios but noone I spoke to could really confirm it, or tell me what ID's / serials they use to identify. Figured for cpu it might be: wmic cpu get processorid in cmd, but then I read intel cpu's don't give out a unique identifier and it might be windows generated. Would make sense if it's that one because they checked for the harddrive serial before, which you could see if you typed wmic diskdrive get serialnumber. If anyone has any more knowledge on this please help me out here
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