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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. jesperdavis

    Steps to be able to play again

    this does not work anymore in the last week eac has upped their game changing hdd is no longer enough anymore and people are trying to work out what else they are looking for people say cpuid but if you do your research that is not possible and people are saying mobo id ect buy tbh I really don't know I tested it last night got a new hdd changed mac address changed ip bought a rust account and I was banned within 2hours
  2. Your can either replace your harddrive I would recommend that if your gonna play legit but if your gonna cheat you should use a spoofer I would send you a working spoofer but I'm looking for one too the one I was using is no longer working
  3. jesperdavis

    Rust hwid banned

    @MrRemix007 rip lol do u know anywhere to get a cupid spoofer I thought that eac has upgraded there anticheat by banning something else I play legit too and I could just switch my hdd and now that doesn't work
  4. jesperdavis

    Rust hwid banned

    Hi I use to spoof my hwid and cheat in rust and my hwid spoofer is no longer working does anyone has a good spoofer that will work as I get banned within 20 mins
  5. jesperdavis


    That would be great bro ill be down for checking that out
  6. jesperdavis


    I switched my hdd changed ip and eac still banned me I think its more then that now

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