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Lokidoki's Rust Review


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The prediction of the aimbot is absolutely ridiculous, it simply amazes me. My preference of cheating is playing legit and the smoothness option works flawlessly with that.
Also what I love is that you are able to tweak per gun itself you can completely customize it to your preference and it is by far one of the best aimbots I have ever used.




Overall the ESP is insane, Want to mine some sulfur? no problem just check the sulfur notes in the ESP, distance too far? Just tweak the distance of the available ESP in your area.
One of my best compliments of the ESP is that in the past i cheated with ESP in games and it used to slow down my FPS in game heavily, having a GTX 1080 and an i7 7700k this was pretty upsetting but with BlackSector Solutions this is not the case, my FPS stays the exact same and runs like a boss. With ESP you can also just like aimbot fully customize it yourself even the colors. Nothing is too much.




Loving the Misc, No spread, No Recoil, No Sway, all these work perfectly and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Also there is no fall damage which i like a lot. one of the best options the misc has in my opinion is the " Debug Camera / Free Cam ", You feel like raiding a base? Just check it out with the free cam and move where ever you want. whenever you want to the place and see exactly where you need to blow and how much you need. If you want to climb Dome and you are not sure if the crates are there ? Just use the Free Cam! Same counts of every Rad Town you might want to loot. Only minus point i have on misc is on " Always Daytime " I notice whenever I click it on or off it sometimes takes 10 seconds for it to switch on or off, also when it is on each 10 seconds it flickers a bit. But then again this is a Needle in a Haystack. 



I love the color manager all tough I don't use it I have tested it out and also this works like it should.




Nothing much to say about this other than it is very handy, just place the marker and it will show up on your ESP, handy if you forgot where you were and were you want to  be!



Very good feature! If you play with friends just type his name in the friends list and your friend will have a different ESP color than enemies. Also the aimbot won't lock on your friends. Very nice feature!



Something I have used in the past is a button where for example you had 1000 sulfur in your hands it would split the ores up in the Furance or Large Furnace equally. 
Not sure if that is possible for you but I would love to see that. 



Very happy to be in this community and be able to use the Rust Cheat, Overall this cheat is just amazing and is well worth the money by far.
Even though I haven't been a part of this community for a long time but what i have noticed is that admins listens to their customers and what they prefer / desire and even implement it in their cheat ASAP if it is possible. Big shout out to you guys.


Thank you for having me!


Special Credits to: floW for making these amazing panels!


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On 2018/4/8 at 11:40 AM, Hellday said:

Nice review, since when do you use it ?

I didn't know they were all these functionalities ! I'll be glad to get my hands on it.

So you are not using it yet? How are you going to use it if you cannot apply any more?

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