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  1. RouterRage

    Lokidoki's Rust Review

    @floW Great design you got going. Also nice review
  2. RouterRage

    BlackSector - More Radical Heights (Soon™)

  3. RouterRage

    Anyway past hard bans in Rust?

    buy a new pc and move to africa as @mrtrademaster suggested
  4. RouterRage


    yea he is correct
  5. RouterRage

    Best Rust Cheat

    damn thats nice, funny we met on hvh rofl
  6. RouterRage

    Why do you hack?

  7. RouterRage

    Why do you hack?

    not gonna lie ur face looks like mine, @mrtrademaster can confirm owo
  8. RouterRage

    New Rust EAC

    Windows7 nibba
  9. RouterRage

    BlackSector CSGO Promotion

    Yep gonna be streaming with it
  10. RouterRage

    BlackSector CSGO Promotion

    I was given a free 2 week sub by @ViRTUS And I thought I'd make a video on the cheat. I will for sure be using this cheat from now on. It's one of the most premium legit csgo cheats I've ever used. Thank you ViRTUS.
  11. RouterRage

    rust review

  12. RouterRage

    Can anyone verify the legitimacy of this site?

    this site is b1g scam jk its big legit site that sells big illegal hacks!!!!!!!
  13. RouterRage

    Why do you hack?

    1. im fucking shit at 99% of all games 2. its fun 3. i got the money to spend so why not hhhhhhhhhh 4. its funny to see retards like drdisrespect rage when u kill him whíle he is streaming 5. ive played with cheats ever since someone cheated against me 6. if you can cheat, why not just do it?
  14. RouterRage

    [Review] Rust Hack

    Nice review and yea auto farm with be awesome