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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. Finn

    How long have you been cheating?

    2009 - CS:S, random free stuff off the internet (Yes my PC was full of viruses) 2013-14? - CS:GO R3 Deception (Reactiion <3) 2014-2018 - CS:GO Pretty much all the mainstream p2c'
  2. Finn

    CSGO cheat features

    Sadly not, no new features since a year ago when I used to use a lot. Besides visuals for new BR.
  3. Finn

    What is your job?

    I rob people , it's a profession.
  4. Finn

    PC Specs

    You can't beat me
  5. Finn

    Rust ?

    He has access to the rust cheat, however the cheat is detected on battleye so it's not public yet. He will most likely get banned on the account his playing on in the video. No ETA on when it will be public.
  6. Finn

    How can I not be vac!!!

    Thought they used some sort of windows serial thingy, which does get changed after fresh install. Anyway, I thought he was just getting VAC bans from steam.
  7. Finn

    How can I not be vac!!!

    Don't cheat. On a serious note, format your PC for new HWID and don't use the same phone number (or email) on multiple steam accounts.
  8. Finn

    [VIDEO] BlackSector.Solutions showcase

    Everyone who reads this roast SandeN.
  9. Finn

    [VIDEO] BlackSector.Solutions showcase

    Better than SandeN :^)
  10. Finn

    Movie competition!

    Sounds like a fun project, hopefully people will submit some sick content ^^
  11. Finn

    15€ gift card GIVEAWAY

    I only won this giveaway because I made him rig it.
  12. Finn

    for how02

    very funny meme, lots of effort. How02 rate 10/10
  13. Finn

    Présentation WARLINE

    Name: Finn Koshaan Age: 17 Location: United Kingdom Like: hentai, weed and ViRTUS I don't like: The gays
  14. Finn

    [Free Steam Game] Outlast Deluxe edition

    Dam right you better be.

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