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  1. how02 probably has enough with the pubg and rust and spoofer tbh apex would be fun
  2. the first game i hacked on where gta 5 on the ps3 first on pc was prob mw2
  3. aimbot gets a 9/10 only thing it misses is silent for the bow (tough i heard it makes cheat unsafe) esp gets a 10/10 it does what its supposed 2 do misc 9/10 missing the waterhack and it needs cave light hack but the speedhack alone makes this cheat worth it color manager 10/10 easy to use works well location marker 8/10 tough how02 has made it so it can mark where u stand without you writing in cords it was not obvious for me (to mark where u stand without writing cords just write name and hit create) friends list 8/10 wish it could be steam id based or have a hotkey for adding ppl you look at all in all it gets a 9/10 fucking great cheat and how02 listends to his community and tries to add evrything we want and fix shit as fast as he can (my english might not be the best btw)
  4. note if you swim for like 20 mins before you build (yes u will drown alot so have a friend out there on top swimming for easy tp back) but then your base will not load from mainland
  5. i build a 2 by 2 far out in ocian and since i play on modded servers i /home back to land and to base its hard af to even find (i avent played rust for like 2 weeks other than just pvp so idk if it is patched or not
  6. you cant apoply atm and price is 100euro first month after that it is 35 euro
  7. i have driven 600cc bikes alot before winter dont recomend doing a 8 hour bike ride can bearly walk after
  8. im ridinga suzuki intruder 125 gona upgrade to 600cc when i have the lisense but gott to wait until season
  9. reset hwid you need to reinstall windows or use a spoofer but keep in mind some hwid spoofers are detected by eac
  10. a friend of mine told me about this sites fortnite hack when that was still here
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