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  1. Dsh

    Rust Rage Hacking

    people like you is why the cheat should be private lol.
  2. i deserve to win because I am the only motherfucker on this platform looking to get halo MCC a cheat while all the teens are looking for battle royale bs
  3. More new people=more publicity=more stupid asians=more ragehackers=we get detected faster You are godamn right :D. Altho a re release means its not outdated anymore
  4. we gotta believe MCC will do it. Already know 30-40 people from my old xbox live who are coming with me to play h3.
  5. all you fuckers better vote for mastercheif collection. Who wants apex legends smg OH LOOK ANOTHER BATTLE ROYALE SO ORIGINAL. R6S OH LOOK ANOTHER CSGO. Just a bit of salt. Although you kids are probably too young to remember the glory days of halo, its gonna come back and be the best thing ever. Dont fuck me on this its the only thing I have ever wanted. @mrtrademasterdisregard the 12 year olds, remember the glory days <3
  6. no fuck off. why the hell would bss do that. Public cheats get detected easily, get toooooo much publicity from idiots who just ragehack, and the immeasurable spam of people too stupid to get the thing to work. All reasons why pub cheats are fucking useless. Your question and you are dumb.
  7. Building is my favorite thing to do in rust. I collect base designs and use rust hacks simply for defense when gathering to build my bases. Post your footprints! Always looking for more! https://gyazo.com/31ac6fae1b2bb2f92e4f67cbfbd2a1be
  8. Best game to hack on is rust. I dont ragehack, I just use center of mass or w/e option is available, and try to avoid fights. Mostly I use the esp to gather, its such a fun game, and hacks just make you hit endgame and let you fully enjoy it faster.
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