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  1. Good good
  2. yea because hes banned on every other games & anti cheats Xddd
  3. as i said, they're banning for cpu id, ago only for disk's, now theyre probably banning for disk+cpuid or only cpuid, because normal hwid spoofers stopped working. For working cpuid spoofers we need only wait. I think 1 month max and some peoples bypass auto bans from eac, like the disk bans, hwid bans. What human create, human can bypass.
  4. because you got CPUID ban, eac banning for cpuid on fortnite and now added this here. 3 ways to bypass autobans: 1. buy new processor 2. spoof cpuid & hwid, but first you need get a working cpu spoofer (free 100% not working) 3. use virtual machine to play
  5. because i have contact with +/- 20 coders who bypassing eac, battleeye, creating spoofers/hwid changers and i know it. EAC adds CPUID bans in Fortnite, now added this into Rust. Thats nothing unusual. Eac trying to be the best Anti Cheat, CPUID is the last shit that eac can ban. You can bypass autoban using a VM, or buy/write a CPUID spoofer & HWID spoofer. Now hwid is not enough for bypass auto bans. @edit - you cannot find this anywhere, this can know only guys, who have contacts.
  6. Why u want switching/adding ram? now eac banning for DISK & CPUID, now change disc is not enough. I got ban for CPUID and now waiting for any spoofer for cpu. :V
  7. @sextacy101 no, im not - im only told, for im have the changer too, but in my the hwid change in bss client is not required after change hwid, and hes saying for my is not working because not needed buy hwid change lel @topic - okay, stop shitstorm, and @betchi thank you for share your hwid changer.
  8. @Betchi shared for community, but everyone need buy hwid resets because your hwid changer is shitty
  9. @Betchi because your changer is shitty, my is changing all what eac reading from kernel etc, and working too for BE. If my changer doesnt work i should get automatic ban in 20 minutes, but i play like 30 hours from last ban? interesting? a lot of users from bss using my changer too, and working for all. Your changer is bad, and changing not required serials.
  10. I have the hwid changer too, but when i change all required serial numbers what eac taking, im not need buying any hwid resets on any cheat sites. If someone want win 7 hwid changer pm me ;v
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