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  1. Djeno

    Rust cheating video

    This looks so good, wish to use it sometime.
  2. Djeno

    When ?

    35€ is really cheap for a cheat like this
  3. By looking at the testemonials and videos.
  4. This is the best hack ever no doubt!
  5. Seems to work on my friend! Thanks for posting!
  6. Djeno

    amazing Rust hack

    I can’t wait untill i can use the BSS rust hack, i’ve seen a lot of vids and it looks like the best hack out there!
  7. Hello Guys, At first let me say that this community is awesome and thanks for the great time you have gives me so far. I wanted to make a topic where we can all learn eachother a bit better and so am i gonna introduce myself first and fee free to respond with a introduction of yourself! I am Djeno and i am 18 years old. I work in a grocery store as a shelf filler. In my spare time i like to enjoy to play games. A lot, some times a bit too much. I have thousands of hours on different games and my favourite games change from time to time. Right now my favourite games are rust, the crew 2 and FiveM. I enjoy to use cheats since i was young, but i also enjoy to play fair in some games, it depends on the game. In the cheats that BSS supplies i am interested the most in the rust cheat. I still go to school and i am doing the highest form of high school education in my country. I live in the Netherlands. I code myself and i am working right now on my own FiveM server with a friend of mine. I’ve never coded a cheat though. Most of the times i use cheats made by others who have more experience with coding and going through anti cheats. I also enjoy going to party’s with my friends. I am also a big fan of Formula 1 and soccer. I’ve told a bit about myself and i like to get to know you! Please tell something about yourself in response so we can all get to know each other in this awesome community! Greetings, Djeno
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