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  1. Nice review, Could go a bit more into detail instead of just 100%
  2. Bypass? interesting Edit, Nice vid! savage lol
  3. Hi all! Not sure if this is the place for it but i've been playing rust for a while now never really had any trouble but i was wondering, a friend of mine told me if people intentionally come up to you to get killed and report you everytime just cuz they want to get rid of you while you play legit is there a chance you can get banned?? would be really weird imo but i was really wondering... i mean if you hate a person so much you want to get rid of them you could just get them alot of false reports and get rid of em, quite unfair if you ask me. If this is true is there a way to get you unbanned for this aswell? or does that mean ur just done on that particular server? Kind regards, Phy
  4. Good review! May i ask what the reason was of the manual ban? were you playing really obvious that time? Or are you trying to stay under the radar at all times?
  5. Im working as a Service engineer
  6. Will this also show stuff like boxes? or will it just show you doors n stuff?
  7. Was reading somewhere and someone mentioned a program called Sysinternals VolumeID changer, has anyone ever used this? If so does that work? Or do you need some more changes?
  8. I'm using Logitech G502 for a while now and i love it, Never had problems with it. im not sure tho if they can detect it, But like HitaSs84 said it will prolly only be manual ban.
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