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Invites for PUBG and Rust are currently closed but they will open again soon !


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  1. Zekzek

    Why do you hack?

    Lol thats a great reason
  2. Zekzek

    The Ultimate Pubg Review (In depth)

  3. Zekzek

    rust review

    My dreams lol
  4. Zekzek

    Past the hard ban(rust)

    no i mean cpu id gpu id
  5. So rust bans all your components ids Isnt it possible to change them all?
  6. Zekzek

    Anyway past hard bans in Rust?

    aren there any cpu gpu id changers?
  7. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    no i had no time it has been a rough week
  8. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    should be something like this ➤?? ?????● i7-7700k 4.2 GHz● 2x8GB● 3TB Hard Drive● GTX 1080 TI im not sure if its ti or not● ASUS motherboard B75M-PLUS DDR3 LGA 1155
  9. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    what do u mean with specs?
  10. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    i know i am not that dumb
  11. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    euro or dollar?
  12. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    btw i wanted to ask you if i became a premium what rust cheats first months price?
  13. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    what do u mean
  14. Zekzek

    Fps Rust

    i have 16 gb ram lol. fps doesnt even change if im on the lowest settings or the highest wtf
  15. Zekzek

    Which Hacks do you prefer?

    In games like rust esp and aimbot

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