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My Overall Review Of BlackSector


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Hello guy's, im surprised it's taken me so long to make this but eh, here we go. 

I am gonna talk about literally everything i can think of in this review so lets start. 

First of All

The Community

I wanna start with the community, this community is great, and guess what? This was the first cheating community I joined.
I wanna give props to everyone here for giving me such a good time and being so helpful when i got into cheating. 
For example i had no clue what Chams where lmfao - Sounds retarded now if you ask me but yeah, we all start somewhere and i started here.
Anyway The People: 

Everyone i've encountered in BSS have been so friendly and helpful and i couldnt thank you enough.


@mrtrademaster @koshaan We all really do appreciate the time you put in to moderate the fourms and all the support you give, its great honestly.
And for @how02 and @ViRTUS We really appreciate the cheats you guys provide.

The Cheats

Okay here im just gonna link previous threads on the review's


Video For CSGO: 



PUBG: (Review In Progress)



I feel that if you guy's made your selection wider for the cheats you would get a lot more customers.

For Example, the other day I was looking for a seige cheat and I really didn't wanna install a really dodgy chinese R6 Cheat
Although there are english known one's out there, there prices are rediculous wheread i feel  like you guys could beat that and deliver a R6 Cheat That's not to pricey

Just Some Games That Would Be Nice To Be Added:

-Rainbow 6
-Apex Legends
-Maybe GTA V (You'd Be Surprised How Many People Want a GTA Menu)
-Arma 3

Security Of These Cheats

Right Here we go

CSGO: 10/10
PUBG: 10/10 (Been using on my main account and not even a 24H Ban Yet)
Rust: 4/10 (The reason im giving rust a 4/10 is because of how quick it got detected, i think it got detected in like a month and hasnt been fixed in almost 3 Months)

I'm gonna add a little review of their Spoofer Because no one has done one yet

-Easy To Use
-Currently Detected : ( 

But yeah my overall review of BlackSector Would Be........

Thanks For Everything Everyone : ) 

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1 hour ago, TheNotoriousAWP said:

I can vouch for the GTA Menu, theres only like 1 trusted provider and the cheat sucks, it always crashes and only works in windowed. +1 on this review, thanks for posting!

That would be cool, lots of interest for it as well

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