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  1. Why does BSS only do sales at Christmas? Can't wait to buy 1 year
  2. It can and will most likely in most cases work but remember that they are not officially supported so support given if anything goes wrong will be limited and there is no way of knowing if its detected on a specific game without testing.
  3. Status for EAC is officially unknown but the spoofer is constantly getting updated to try make it as safe as possible.
  4. No. These cost much more money, like 500-1000 per month. Blacksector does not offer this
  5. I think this review is very good, thanks! I can agree on the price being expensive but at the same time, how02 has to activately work lots of hours with lots of effort to provide such a cheat. I think its worth to keep how02 alive
  6. Does this lead to something else? Like if you get too many will you get perma banned, etc?
  7. Do you get unbanned after the 24 hours? don't they review your account or something or am i mistaken?
  8. He is having trouble with EAC currently and is spending countless hours researching and reverse engineering EAC. Apex uses EAC as a primary AC so he needs to overcome this first. But otherwise I agree, I feel like a lot of people would like Apex software as I've seen people using the HWID spoofer for it. I just don't want him to forget about the CSGO software, even if it is boring for him . I admire him too, he's just amazing at what he does and he chose his career right, thats for sure
  9. Thank you, I appreciate the effort put into your response
  10. Hello, I am thinking about buying the PUBG software however I am a complete beginner. What types of bans exist in PUBG? I know you can get banned for being too blatant through the 24 hour bans, etc. How long can you really go legit cheating? If you get lots of reports can you just get banned on the spot regardless of stats/inspection? Is it worth getting the HWID Spoofer in addition so my main doesn't get banned if an alt gets banned or does this just reduce the security? I don't think the HWID Spoofer has been BattlEye detected but I could be wrong. Thanks for any help in advance!
  11. PUBG and PUBG ESP are now back in the store so you can purchase directly from there.
  12. No problem. If there's anything I didn't mention lmk!
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