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  1. ZAE

    CSGO settings

    Okay thank u for helping me
  2. ZAE

    CSGO settings

    Are those the ones i should change for it too drag less quickly and obv?
  3. ZAE

    CSGO settings

    Yes i know but i dont know how to change it like what to change
  4. ZAE

    CSGO settings

    Okay but do u know how to make the aim assistance less obvius on the legit settings like it drags so fast and locks on the targets it also switch targets really fast it looks pretty unlegit
  5. ZAE

    CSGO settings

    Okay, but how do i use the configs?
  6. Anyone knows what are the best legit csgo settings u can have for aim assistance not WH so it looks as legit as possible but stills assists the aim good
  7. I've tried paying with paypal for months now and it just keeps telling me my card isn't available i tried with 3 diffrent cards and 2 diffrent paypal accounts still wont work.
  8. Just wondering when rust invites will open cause ive been checking around here for a few months still the same with the invite system and also the hack have been detected for a few months so just wondering if anyone knows how it is around this subject
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