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EAC and Virtual Machines


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Hi guys,

What do you think about my idea - to use cheats in games like rust on Virtual Machine? I think if I do so and get banned - Anticheat couldn't bann my real MAC adress and HDD. Then uou reconfigure VM and buy new account.

What do you think?

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22 hours ago, gamepad said:

Я играю ржавчину на VirualBox, это нормально, но я не могу подключить свой 1080 к виртуальному бокс

Does eac allow u to play?

And how much fps do u have?

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There are different types of Virtualization. Type 1 Hypervisor and Type 2,

Type 2 are the most commonly used like VirtualBox and VM Ware, where you run an OS inside an OS.
Type 1 for example KMS and QEMU are different, because they have more access to the Hardware inside your System. They usually can use the Hardware to its full potential.
Do some research if you are interested in it.


In regards to what @Spanch001 said, EAC probably looks for Strings inside your System information that include something that is linked VirtualBox or VM Ware. You can actually spoof it using the registry.

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So guys, i done some researches, and result are not good - there is no SIMPLE method to use virtualization like Virtual BOX. After research I understand that it possible, but too hard. Also, i haven't found any step-to-step instructions, how to trick EAC about virtualization. I try to do it myself, but in few hours I gave up.

After all researches, I can resume that it possible, but now it's not more like enthusiastic idea. Maybe in future somebody will release smth like VM with Rust+Cheat xD


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