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  1. Dimisher

    Rust feedback

    You say they log your monitor but i was hwid banned on my old pc couldn't even wake up without being banned and all i did is buy a new pc and im fine.
  2. Yeh itll be laggy at and delayed af
  3. Yeah we do sorry our discord server got removed we are waiting for one of out hacks to be back online before we make a new one.
  4. Germany good? lol they lost to fucking Mexico http://prntscr.com/jxnpuh
  5. Dimisher

    New Rust hack video

    Fuck legit why hack and hide it
  6. I suggest you read here: The Rust and PUBG cheats are invite only.
  7. Most spoofers are not working and if they are working they are normally private, i recently bypassed my recent hwid ban took me 2 weeks In the past i have used several spoofers and just reinstalled windows however now it seems a lot hard, especially to get your hands on a working spoofer
  8. Dimisher


    Fuck me nice review i wanna write something nice but dont wanna have to type so much lol
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