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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. zholz

    EAC and Virtual Machines

    Will try to do this and reply here about the result.
  2. Hi guys, What do you think about my idea - to use cheats in games like rust on Virtual Machine? I think if I do so and get banned - Anticheat couldn't bann my real MAC adress and HDD. Then uou reconfigure VM and buy new account. What do you think?
  3. zholz

    BlackSector Discord?

    Oh fuck. I understand how to find "super secret discord". lol
  4. zholz

    rust cheats

    Guys, there's invites only for rust cheats, can u help me and give a link on non-scam rust cheats market? Or maybe some advice how to get the invite? Thank you.

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