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  1. I started almost a year ago with a one month sub to aimware then a few months after that one month sub to redeyecheats then a few months later I bought 3-month sub to bss and lifetime to penguware <--- not the best investment
  2. you shouldn't need a config for just this just go on your main config and adjust the esp loot settings
  3. Clarence

    I streamed CSGO

    Ok, I'll try it out.
  4. Clarence

    I streamed CSGO

    Hello so I decided that I would stream, and if anyone ha stips or anything like that please tell me ps: I know I'm a squeaker and not my thumbnail idk who to give credit to
  5. This is by far the best cheat for CSGO I’ve ever used. Lots of legit features and great staff that will help you within an instant.
  6. Hello I heard that there used to be a discord server I don't know what happened to it but I would really lie to see one created because it would make finding cheating teammates much easier. I have searched but as far as I'm concerned there is no CSGO hacking discord. I hope one of the admins see this. Thanks
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