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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. Spanch001

    rust cheats

  2. Spanch001

    Dont Buy the CSGO Hack

    Man why u so salty.If psilent doesn't work one day its doesnt mean what it will not repaired
  3. Spanch001

    HWID Ban Csgo?

    No,its fake
  4. Spanch001

    EAC and Virtual Machines

    Does eac allow u to play? And how much fps do u have?
  5. Spanch001

    EAC and Virtual Machines

    It’s impossible to play through a virtual machine. First, terrible lags are waiting for you. Secondly, anti-cheat will not let you enter the game referring to virtualization.I have already tried
  6. Spanch001

    Rust Hack

  7. Spanch001

    Rust Hack

    U must be a verified user
  8. Spanch001

    Why i cant play rust xD

    100% hwid ban
  9. Spanch001

    Whos Waiting For Rust

    Omg i rly want to play rust with bss
  10. next time write in english, or go to partners area
  11. Не все так просто,сначала ты должен доказать,что тебе можно доверять,отвечай пользователям,новичкам Можешь попробовать обратиться к ваньку,он тебе подскажет,что да как

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