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  1. There are different types of Virtualization. Type 1 Hypervisor and Type 2, Type 2 are the most commonly used like VirtualBox and VM Ware, where you run an OS inside an OS. Type 1 for example KMS and QEMU are different, because they have more access to the Hardware inside your System. They usually can use the Hardware to its full potential. Do some research if you are interested in it. In regards to what @Spanch001 said, EAC probably looks for Strings inside your System information that include something that is linked VirtualBox or VM Ware. You can actually spoof it using the registry.
  2. I just fell in love with you man. Will you marry me?
  3. I knew it was coming. Ring of Elysium next?
  4. How02 is a good coder, so it will stay undetected quite some time after he updated the cheat. As for the chance of being banned: It is 100%, it just takes time until it happens. There is no undetectable cheat. Yesterday was the 2nd time of detection, so the ban rate is really low compared to the competition.
  5. I saw it on an other cheat forum. Cheats are the only reason why I play this game.
  6. There is a pc version. Only retards play games like this on a phone.
  7. Some cheapy pubg clone for mobile and pc. It is surprisingly fun imo.
  8. UniqueOrn

    Loader Review

    Myself, if don't really give a shit about how loaders look, as long as they are doing what they are supposed to do. To me they look all the same.
  9. Yes they are closed. Will be open again once the cheat gets updated.
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