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The Ultimate Pubg Review (In depth)


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I have been using the hack for a while now and I can say I've been winning a lot of games since I've been able to use it. The simplicity of the hack is beautiful. I was able to get the hack up and running within a matter of minutes. It's a simple case of download the launcher, put your login details in, and then inject wait a few seconds and load up the game. Already you have the hack loaded. You can setup your config to your liking, save it and now your ready to go into a game. This will take 10 minutes at the most.

The hack is easy to use, you're ready to go within minutes and you won't regret buying it. 




 The Aimbot has multiple features from you to choose from. From things like vertical aim and drop correction to priority, field of view, distance, health. You even have an option to humanize your aimbot to make it look more real. The best thing that I love is you can pick 3 choices for the aimbot to aim to, the head, chest, stomach. Now, you don't have to pick one of them, you can pick all 3 if you would like. So, depending on the range the aimbot will pick the chest if you are far away or if your close it will go for the head (from what I have noticed.) This way it will look more believeable and it add a bit of variety. You can really tweak it, for it to be the way you want it to be and make it deadly in the battlefield.

The aimbot is really nice, you can always expect it to kill somebody close range and even meduim range, for those long range kills you might miss but it definitely get close and it will definitely send your enemy a message and make them aware your there watching them. I haven't had a problem with it.


For me this aimbot is 10/10 it's very fun to use.



The ESP again so many features it's hard to fit into one whole review without it sounding boring. The ESP works really well, you have player ESP, Loot ESP, Vehicle ESP and even Grenade ESP. All of them work like a charm. 


Player esp: Never once have I missed a player while using having the player esp on. I've been able to kill everyone around or if they tried to attack me they just ended up being killed. Alongside the player esp you have some features that include: skeleton, name, distance, weapon, health, health bar. All of them are very useful, definitely the weapon, so you can see what weapon a player has. It also has an option to see dead players, so when you kill a person you can see where they died. It works perfect and doesn't let me down.


Loot esp: This is such a nice feature to have and will definitely help you to find a gun quickly and kill the players around you. I have noticed some people say there is so much loot on the screen is hard to see what is what and even enemy players. The great thing about this hack is you have a filter option. This allows you to filter what loot you can see. So, you can pick what guns you want to see and what guns you don't as well as med kits and first aid kits. You can all do this by adding them to the filter. 


That way your screen won't get filled with so much loot again and it is easier to see. The loot esp works really nice.


Vehicle esp: Works really well, this has help me made it to the zone multiple times when I needed to find a a vehicle. I could just look for the nearest vehicle works very well. 


Grenade esp: This has helped me escape so many times from a grenade that has been thrown at me. It has also helped me throw a grenade back at the player to kill them. This is such a nice feature to have and has helped me a lot. 


Airdrop esp: You can see multiple airdrops around the map, so if you feel lucky, you can go to the hairdrop and see if you can pick up a sniper. It's a very nice feature to have, to see where the loot creates are around the map. 


Radar: You have a radar option, and you can use it to see if anyone is around you. Which allows you to keep looting without having to look through walls to see if anyone is around you. You can the radar to see and it works really nice. No problems again. It's a good feature to help you have an advantage. 


The esp again for me is 10/10 



You have a few options that you can do, but don't add a advantage on the battlefield.


These are color manager, bind manager and settings and friends.  


Color Manager: You can use this to change the color of visible/non visible enemys. Also you can change the color of the loot, vehicles and a lot more. It's a nice feature to have. 


Bind Manager: This allows you to bind a key to show for example: player esp or loot esp. 


Settings: This allows you to save/load configs. If you have made a config you really like you can easily save it in the settings, you can have multiple saved configs in here. 


Friends: I haven't used this but I think it's to add fellow black sector members. 



My Final Verdict for the pubg hack is 10/10. 

It's nice and easy to use. There are so many features and things you can tweak around with to make yourself have the advantage on the battlefield. It's a true enjoyment and makes pubg more enjoyable.


I hope you have enjoyed my in depth review of the pubg.


Let me know if you enjoyed it.



























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