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2 hours ago, MrIch325 said:

How do you know they're checking for cup id now? Couldn't find that anywhere. I heard it's bios id in some cases if they really hate you

because i have contact with +/- 20 coders who bypassing eac, battleeye, creating spoofers/hwid changers and i know it.

EAC adds CPUID bans in Fortnite, now added this into Rust. Thats nothing unusual. Eac trying to be the best Anti Cheat, CPUID is the last shit that eac can ban. You can bypass autoban using a VM, or buy/write a CPUID spoofer & HWID spoofer. Now hwid is not enough for bypass auto bans. :)

@edit - you cannot find this anywhere, this can know only guys, who have contacts.

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