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4 minutes ago, linwes65 said:

Well, as the title says, ask me anything, whatever you'd like whether it's about gaming, real life, etc.


(Bored af waiting for some applications to open)

How often do you masturbate a day?

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15 hours ago, Daydream said:

what is your favorite game nowaday?

I'd say Rust.


13 hours ago, MrRemix007 said:

you like cocks? :D

Ofcourse, Kappa


13 hours ago, RouterRage said:

What cheat do you use?(Csgo, rust, pubg etc)

I have access to CSGO and Rust currently.


6 hours ago, Alexx525 said:

How old are you

I'm 18 years old.

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1 hour ago, Phontono said:

What u like more from ur country? Ive been in sweeden,but just on the way to another countries,looks a nice one tbh.


Btw Australia its soooooo nice! I go all years and every time i discover nice places.

The best is probably that you're getting paid just to go to school

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