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amazing Rust hack


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20 hours ago, lazytoxic said:

Yeah that's true, is the best hack ! 

Yes!!! :D

18 hours ago, Jeffoncrack said:

Nice!, i really can't wait to use BlackSector, Bring it on! :D

Good luck!

18 hours ago, Qyrie said:

Ok guys fck u xD I got rekt by a team of 4 who used a speedhack and instanthit, can't deal with my hack (very bad ..) can't wait for BS :D 

omg  I will help you at any time^^

12 hours ago, Crasher said:

The best cheat out there 100%


Yes god rust hack


12 hours ago, 212121 said:

Can't wait until it's open to the public again

Good luck!

12 hours ago, Alexx525 said:

yeah, it's god hack :D I totally agree with u.



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Well for loot like that,you should have went rambo/super obv mode,won't you just get banned for reports from facepunch?
Is it worth to go super obv when you can legit hack and play atleast 3weeks before buying a new account?

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1 minute ago, Germanexport said:

If i go super rambo mode i have this stuff in 1 min , i think he legit hacked

Well I use hacks(pretty much like bs but shittier ESP)(Waiting for bs to re-open aplications) on blueberry.gg and I never get items like that in 2 hours(Legit-hacking).

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