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The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. RamX1

    Rust hack PvP

    New Rust Hack PvP Video!
  2. RamX1

    New Rust hack video

    New Rust hack PVP video!
  3. RamX1

    Graphic corner.

    You are amazing i love this design
  4. RamX1

    amazing Rust hack

    I collected items in 2 hours using the black sector Black sector Rust Hack is god amazing AimBot! speed hack!
  5. I created a video of Rust Hack! #2 Aimbot menu video!
  6. RamX1

    Rust cheat

    Hello everyone I purchased and used 02 rust cheat Aimbot = How 02's aimbot is very accurate as it has predictions Esp = ESP is the best thing I can see and the skeleton is the best ESP = Player Resource Loot Animal Trap Other Misc = Clear Vision: This feature is useful because rusty night is very dark! Misc = No Fall damage: Even if it falls from a high place it will not suffer damage. good! Misc = No Recoil: This function eliminates recoil of weapons. It is also useful when using AImbot! Misc =Because I hate swimming, water hack is very good. This function is essential as the cave is buried in water Speed hack can be moved very easily It is convenient when hack vs. hack Crosshair = Good! Location marker = location marker is useful when looking for a house Radar = radar is very useful when you can not see the surroundings I'm not good at English. I am using translations sorry!
  7. RamX1

    New to BS Community

    Welcome to Black sector
  8. RamX1

    Working Hwid Spoofer for my boys

    this hwid spoofer is not working
  9. RamX1

    Loader Review

    Black sector loader is very fast to load and easy to use Loader is very good
  10. RamX1

    new Rust hack video speed hack

    New Rust hack video! amazing speed hack! speed take & speed recovery enjoy!
  11. I have created a video of Rust cheat of black sector I strongly recommend you see it!!
  12. RamX1

    First rust edit

    good video my bro
  13. RamX1

    new Rust hack video speed hack

    No Digging a stone while using a speed hack produces a lot of errors Use fast melee when digging a stone
  14. RamX1

    amazing Rust hack

    Yes!!! Good luck! omg I will help you at any time^^ Yes god rust hack Good luck! Yes!
  15. RamX1

    Rust cheat

    Thank you black sector is god Hack
  16. RamX1

    Rust cheat

    I am playing on the official server i would recommend playing on a mod server if do not want to be banned
  17. RamX1

    Rust cheat hacker vs hacker

    how02 Rust cheat is amazing! thank you Hacker vs Hacker 2v6
  18. RamX1

    Rust cheat

    nice idea name spooofer
  19. RamX1

    Rust hack menu and regit battle royale

    ok sorry..! discord https://discord.gg/HHKVNvs
  20. RamX1

    Rust hack menu and regit battle royale

  21. RamX1

    Rust cheat hacker vs hacker

    im win   2v5 hacker vs hacker it' so easy!
  22. RamX1

    Rust cheat hacker vs hacker

    official server only
  23. I did not receive a ban for 200 hours at Rust
  24. RamX1

    Rust cheat

    i dont have bow settings sorry
  25. RamX1

    Rust cheat

    yes!! speed hack is amazing!!

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