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  1. your best bet would to be active on the forums, help others, buy other subs that blacksector provide and wait. they dont invite atm as the rust cheat is in testing stage or something like that. and the price is cheap really cheap if u compare to other providers
  2. @how02 ive sent u a message with unpause my rust sub, think i had a couple of days left
  3. i want it cause then i can use the money i would spend here on drugs and hookers instead like a cheap friday night, so i mean its a win win situation, rust cheats hookers and drugs
  4. ive seen some peoples speaking about that you can contact EAC and say that you want them to remove the info they have about you, witch is apperently clearing your hwid ban. if its works or not that i dont know but i guess its worth giving it a try
  5. Also if people wana see some videos/montages from the rust cheat, like this post and i will do my best to get some up for you guys
  6. so were should i start of ive been using the cheat from time to time for about i think almost 1,5 year now. i must say BSS rust cheat is the best cheat ive used so far, when i first started cheating i had my account for about 300 hours without ban semi legit/semi rage. had some problems awhile back with getting banned within a couple of hours altho the cheat was in detected state so i dont blame anything. have used it pretty constant the last month with runs holding about 20-60+ hours per accounts altho the bans that ive recived is prob from my self as i have a pretty happy trigger finger sometimes love all the current features and they work really well Aimbot 9/10 - Really good aimbot altho would be lovley to see some more options for "legit" cheating, such as customizable recoil controll with sliders or something, but overall a really good aimbot with alot of features. Visuals 10/10 - Really good looking visuals, easy to use and working really good, would love to see bag/bed esp with names who owns them, and a visual TC range would be pretty sweet aswell. Customizables 10/10 - dont have too much too say here but its a really nice option to be able to keybind most of the things and change colors and so on. Misc 10/10 - pretty much everything you want, with debug and dubblejump works flawless without any problems, altho with speed hack patched thats really hurts my soul - RIP SpeedHack will never forget you <3, overall really simple and really usefull. so overall from my PoV i can really recommend BSS rust cheat so if u can buy it, dont wait just do it Thanks uncle @how02 for an really awesome work and keep it up, ur the best <3
  7. Applications for Rust and PUBG are still closed. No ETA for when they are open again.
  8. i mean its not to hard, u will learn it fast, but unless u dont come up with a really unique server idea u wont prob have any players on the server
  9. are u planing on have it on ur own pc or host it at a company?
  10. think about something, do an guide for something check other forums for ideas could maybe be an idea if u are lack of ideas
  11. i dont really think this is how u are supposed to get rep here, make some helpfull posts or something. Deserve your rep instead
  12. Hello Lets get some Shit post going meanwhile we are doing what ever we are doing How long have you guys been cheating? and what games? for me, started with some ps1/2 cheating codes with GTA, then went on pc cheating in pretty much every single game but most CSGO,Rust, GTA V, Battlefield 1 and 5, and most fun game to cheat in is Prob either arma or Rust
  13. yo ive heard that some peoples saying that csgo is doing HWID bans now that they went Free 2 play, can any one comfirm that? or is it just bullshit?
  14. iam pretty sure its only for PUBG and Rust Subcribers
  15. it have been down for awhile as far as i know since How02 have been working full time on the PUBG cheat, i might be wrong but i think so just w8 and be patient <3
  16. ello boiiiiss im back after a long break in the cheating community (exept GTA online tho) but now im fucking back to spread some more aids all over the place. realy nice to see some new ppls here doest seem like too many from when i first joined is still here :C so who is still here and have been active since like 6 months back or so? love you all just pm me if u want some free klamydia or something
  17. i dont have a job atm but ive been working on DHL before for a couple of months
  18. first i started using cheatcodes in age of mythology and age of empires, the started cheat coding in alot of games with ps2 the i started botting in runscape and the botting in wow *in world of warcraft ive been botting for about 6-7 years started cheating in cs go in 2014 and in 2014-2015 i started cheaing in most games i played csgo, Bf3 bfbc2, bf4 after that it was rust legacy GTA V rust and ive been cheating in GTA v online since realese prob told my life story by now but ive enjoy it alot
  19. since about 2009-2010 with cs 1.6 and "cheat" in warcraft asfar as i can remember
  20. item esp with filter such as common. uncommon, rare, very rare or something like that wold be sweet speed hack would be lovely aswell no reaload/sniper pull back thing and maybe something that change the parachute to open later aswell
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