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PUBG has been updated! The HWID Spoofer is now available for testing for Rust and PUBG customers.


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  1. FACE

    How much dab

    Could a dab dab dab if a dab could dab dab dab? Zzzz pls talk about anything besides "RUST CHEAT PLS" "HOW TO GET". We all want it, stfu.
  2. FACE

    Fav shows/animoos?

    chill I don't watch animoos like that always looked p gey tbh, will prob get around to it.
  3. Im p sure I see ads for that all the time lmao. Dayum nice esse dab
  4. FACE

    Fav shows/animoos?

    Breaking Bad Tokyo Ghoul Saved by the bell boom urs?
  5. FACE

    CSGO Review - How far can I get?

    Thanks was GN Master or something like that when I had played a while ago, but after a game or two I was put in GN1. Do you rank up faster if you're on a winstreak?
  6. Everything on the cheat is 10/10, very simple as expected, and works without any flaws. Going to stick with just abusing the ESP and probably wont be using the aimbot, works perfectly fine. Lets see how far I can get with being a "pro" awper . So far won 4/4 games as the top or second-top fragger, and if the game ever got rather close, I'd just go a bit more ham with being blatant. Will be making a video soon
  7. That heli kill + jumping off the roof like a boss... lmao nice video Something I used to do when I used the cheat back then - see how fast I could go from 0 to hero. From scratch get a bow then kill someone with a revolver, then kill someone with full gear, then mats and put up a quick base. Hope you or @RamX1 could make a vid like that
  8. How are your stats looking? Bench/DL/Squat, bodyweight/height. Havent worked out in around 4 months but went back recently, still decently strong - for 5 each (235/335/275LUL), 225/6'2 Feelin fat as hell, but plan to lose 40ish pounds by June. 3,000th post, get rekt noobs
  9. Damn nice, I would think just ESP alone is super broken on PUBG, just drive around after you ESP the best guns and kill everyone
  10. FACE

    Rust hack menu and regit battle royale

    Whats your disc. id? PM it if youd rather not put here
  11. FACE

    Loader Review

    mesos pl0x
  12. FACE

    Happy Valentines Ya Weebs

    hey man I dont think the students of florida highschool would appreciate that comment if you post it again im going to have to post it on my social media webs and make it go viral 11/10 reference to mwf2
  13. Did lil bored start this entire meme/blow up this song? As for relationship/female troubles... Most females are a waste of time. This generations donezo w. romance x D
  14. FACE

    Happy Valentines Ya Weebs

    Hm I think ill actually get it this weekend, perhaps with CSGO Full from here too. I need to get off league/fortnite as I've been playing way too aggressively/competitively lmao . Need to start playing single player games / hacking in games and playing more casual in general, not healthy for my work Will update u if I break my mouse

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