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  1. Zergs

    How to solve

    You have to purchase an item from the store to be able to view the content.
  2. I think it's caused by a small update. Wait how02 to come and fix that
  3. Try to use paypal funds. It won't work with card on paypal. Or Use bitcoin.
  4. Zergs

    Rust Video | Bow PvP

    Legit configs Humanize/Speed - Increasing will make it more human like (slower time to lock the aim). OP Legit.dat
  5. Just wait until a admin is on
  6. Zergs

    lifetime pubg

    They don't sell lifetime subscriptions.
  7. I am in the same position @how02 is it possible to renew it ?
  8. Zergs

    Rust Hacking #3

    How much time can you play without a ban ?
  9. Zergs

    Rust hack PvP

    @Soup Actualy the best outhere
  10. You can play other games that have EAC, but rust without a HWID spoofer it's more likely to they bann you again, even if you don't use anything. I just sent an email to RUST support asking if i will be able to play the game again, because i was banned 6 months ago, and they said its more likely to be ban to prevent further cheating.
  11. Be patient, be active, helpfull and have feith. Its the same for all comunitys
  12. For me this is the best hack when you talk about playing legit, and i think it's what the most useres want !
  13. Zergs


    Devs ban me, not vac. But i don't know what ban is it.
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