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  1. One is for Rust, one is for CSGO. I have two gaming PCs, and I play Rust legit on one, and cheat on the other. This was so that I didn’t have to get HWID resets every time I try to play.
  2. Hey admins. I had meant to freeze my sub about a week and a half into my sub. I typed a post, and never pressed post. I don’t expect all the time back, or any at that. I was wondering if it possible to get part of my sub back. I don’t know if you log logins, but you would be able to see my lack of loading the loader. Would it be possible to maybe get a week of my sub added back? Thanks guys!
  3. After getting the cheat myself, I just don’t understand. Why is the price what it is? I easily would have paid 5x what I did monthly!!
  4. The discord server keeps getting shut down because hacking is against Discord TOS. You can use the chatbox for conversations!
  5. Adding onto that, deaths in CombatTag servers do count towards global stats. Bot kills on the same server count as well. Bullets shot in any server should count.
  6. 그것은 개발자에 달려 있습니다. 그것은 그에게 달려 있습니다.
  7. From what I have been seeing, looks to be a very secure cheat! Probably gonna purchase it for a month myself
  8. God. I havent played CS in so long. Makes me wanna start cheating on it again haha. How bad are bans now with the game being free? Lot stricter?
  9. What up man! Feel free to use the CSGO cheat while we all wait for invites to open haha
  10. Exactly why I part out my cheating rig and rebuild it every few months. Pretty easy to keep about the same specs if you sell parts individually
  11. This makes me want the cheat so bad
  12. Back in the day, I was a staff member at Zlitz when vuno was the coder. It’s been a long time since then, and pretty sure they are gone now. After speaking and becoming good friends with the developer, we started working on a private build of a CSGO Cheat, that would be for leagues. We figured a way to side-load the cheat into the drivers of a mouse, that would automatically load on any PC the mouse was plugged into. To activate the cheat ingame, you would hold F9 and type a set character string. Once this was done the cheat would load. No ESP as this was for LAN, but aim assist, and sound radar. Each round, you would have to Hold F9 and double click the mouse button to reactivate the cheat. The cheat would automatically hide after each death Incase you were suspected while at a LAN. It would also hide if the match was paused. We won plenty of LANs with this setup. Of course having years of CS under my belt, it was a lot easier to hide just because of game knowledge. Profited about $5400 just from local LANs. Does anyone else else have some awesome cheat stories?
  13. Also remember, you MUST have an Intel processor to use VT-x! As long as you have anything newer than a Pentuim 4 from 2005, you should be good to go!
  14. I know for a fact that you can cheat just fine with BSS. However the moment you start getting reports, you are recorded. Tested this with a private script I wrote. One account was rage. Zero smoothing, 4x and 8x AK. Got banned in 90 hours. Next account was more legit. A lot more smoothing, only iron-sights and 4x. Not raging at all. Currently at 900 hours and no ban. If you play semi-legit, it should keep you safer. I know a few people with 200+ hours without bans here at BSS.
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