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Aimbot: 9.5/10

The actual aimbot itself, 10/10. Although, to make this a 10/10 I think a couple more features need to be added. Namely; Backtracking, dynamic hitboxes (so trigger can fire at multiple points, and the aimbot can lock onto multiple points), Distance-Based FOV (so that pSilent can actually be useful xD and) doesn't lock on at longer distances, meaning that the FOV is relative to the enemies hitboxes), and lastly a features explanation video, personally I have never cheated before but it look me a fair while to setup everything, and I still have no idea what the max slider does, so if anyone can help me with that I would be very happy ahahah

ESP: 10/10

I mean you can't really go wrong can ya ahahhaha
Although sound ESP can be quite confusing to configure, does it only show up when you can ACTUALLY hear it yourself?
For the crosshair selector, none worked for my resolution at all, but after downloading @Finn's config, I saw different ones that actually worked with my res, could someone explain why Finn's config had different crosshairs :)?

Skin Changer: 10/10

Absolutely perfect, would love to see a glove changer tho :/

Misc: 10/10

The bind manager, injection methods, config loader and all of the foundational functions are perfect and robust. Auto accept works like a charm when I need to take a piss, and the rank revealer never fails to please me

Extras/Final Feedback:

Honestly, this is a really great cheat, with large potential. In order to become the best legit cheat out there, only a few extra features need to be added to create the ultimate, complete cheat! The team here is really great, and @ViRTUS was eager to help me and answered my many questions before I bought this product, so massive shoutout to him :) I hope @how02 will eventually have the time on his hands to add some of the suggested features, not only in this post, but the suggestion thread, to make this cheat literally perfect. Thanks for reading this, and I will definitely be recommending this to anyone that decides to wreak havoc on match making

OVERALL: 10/10 for the actual usability, and a 9.5/10 for the product

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