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Hello, it's me


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Hello everyone, i'm Notorious

I'm also known as Petter, and 23 years old. From Europe, and live in the cold north Norway.


I play a few games, like most of us do.

Mainly CSGO, Rust and PUBG. 

What do you guys play? And if there is anyone around Europe who would like to play either of these games, HIT ME UP:x If you happened to be outside of Europe, i'll be the nice guy and stay up late a night or two :)


Currently DMG in matchmaking, all legit. Trying to push global now with cheats, and im failing. Eagle is a nightmare >:(

Nothing more than the average PUBG player, until mrtrademaster hooks me up with the skills

Rust i'll do anyday, im online almost 24/7. Mainly play modded 5x servers. got myself hooked up with all the ranks and kits available. (or wasted too much money..)

Usually are 2-6 people that play together, would love to bring more of you in on the fun. With or without cheats. We're all legit plebs atm 


Feel free to ask me anything you like, not that anyone of you would care much anyways FeelsBadMan

I dont know what else to tell you guys, find me on Tinder^_^


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5 minutes ago, linwes65 said:

Welcome to BSS!

I do aswell play Rust! Been active in the Rust community over the past 3-4 years, I've a lil' over 3,5k  legitimate hours.

Thanks man!

Where are you located? 3,5k hours is a while, hook me up with some of that skill


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Welcome to the BSS community. Hope to see you around :) I play mainly Rust ONLY...it's a hard lifestyle out here. You seem like a nice guy and person to play with but I don't usually play with EU just because time differences and ping on non US servers. 

GL on your CS grind too!

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