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What is your favourite movie?


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You can't really have multiple favorites imho it defeats the purpose of the word favorite. 

However if we are doing it by genre then:

Satire: A tie between The Princess Bride and The Cabin In The Woods. 

Action: Probably the die hard series up to live free or die hard because a good day to die hard was effing awful or a close tie with the Mad Max series. 

Cult Classic:The Boondock Saints

Classic: The Warriors.

Horror: 28 Days Later

Martial Arts: A really close tie between the Ip Man Series and The Raid Series. 
Mind Fuck: Old Boy(the original. The remake was not bad but the original was something else)

Romance:Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Comedy: A three way tie between Spy, Superbad and Sex Drive or possibly Ted I still crack up when they are talking about fuck me eyes and Amanda Seyfried asks if she has fuck me eyes and they said "No. You have come here my precious eyes." LMMFAO

"Found Footage": Project X

Guilty Pleasure: There are a few here because it is hard to have a favorite guilty pleasure movie because of what a guilty pleasure movie is. But I would say like con air, lost boys, last action hero, kindergarten cop, mars attacks, flash gorgon, starship troopers, gremlins, goonies, leprechaun, Road House, etc etc I could go on but all of these movies are so bad they are good. 

CGI Intensive:Avatar(with the blue people, not that M. Night Shyamalan abomination.)

All Time Favorite: Would probably be The Boondock Saints. I lost the ability to count how many times I have seen the movie on both hands and feet. 

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3 hours ago, Devine said:


The best thing the premier in germany was on my birthday, so we went to see it on midnight.
i cant wait till chapter 2 is coming in 2019. :D

I'm sorry but IT was pretty bad. I watched it in the theatres, it was suppose to be horror, but half way through the movie they showed the clown a shit ton and for long scenes, it became hella boring after that because it wasn't scary.

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On 27.3.2018 at 10:36 PM, Lysdahl said:

Fast and furious! All of them!
How they stick togther! Money,Family.Race/speed.. Best movies i have ever seen..
Rip Paul walker..

“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.“ 

F&F 1 is the best, maybe not for todays standards though. But i feel fast and furious lost the touch after nr 4 or 5.

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