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  1. [VIDEO] BlackSec PUBG More Cheating

    Looking awesome man! Although I don't own PUBG, looks pretty fun.
  2. [INFO] How to get PUBG cheat.

    Yeah it'd be suicide for the product if it was public.
  3. CSGO Cheat

    Does the CSGO cheat have "Draw FOV ring"? That's like the most useful thing I have used in an aimbot. Just wondered thanks. Also can one of the staff PM me. I have another question that I don't think would be suitable to ask on the forum.
  4. Why you should use Blacksector

    Maybe it's a false positive like what happened when they first introduced BE. Although, didn't Moe cheat on ESEA? So kinda not sure.
  5. H1Z1: KOTK Cheat

    I just reinstalled the game last night so still down for this. Enough people lined up to pay for it.
  6. Stream Sniper Montage

    Also just thought. This is exactly the reason Epic Games was suing those cheaters for (Purposefully raging and killing Streamers) so be careful!
  7. Fortnite BAN

    You can't even buy it anymore. Edit: Double Post
  8. Trying to get info on Fortnite

    That will do nothing now since the ban would most likely be triggered from BattlEye rather than Epic Game's AC. Once banned, you're perma banned. They did HWID/IP bans before so not sure. If they do them with BE, then you're over playing the game on that machine. If not, then make a new account I guess.
  9. Fortnite BAN

    You can't even buy it anymore.
  10. Trying to get info on Fortnite

    Yes it works, is it safe? It seems to be but isn't really known right now. How do they ban? I don't think anyone knows yet since it's up to the game developer how they implement the system in their game. Will it carry over to games by other publishers? Definitely not.
  11. [VIDEO] BlackSector PUBG Cheating

    Looks super cool and fun! Nice video man. I wish BS made a H1Z1 slotted cheat, I don't own PUBG but looks cool!
  12. What is your favourite movie?

    Yeah I really liked the new IT film man, my friend didn't like it but the rest of my friends did. I think sometime soon I'll read the original book.
  13. Fornite Cheat

    How02 does quick updates, really impressed myself. Been using it like a week now.
  14. What is your favourite movie?

    One of my favourite films is the Warriors.
  15. Stream Sniper Montage

    I wonder if I've killed some streamers it's always a thought. I wouldnt know any of their names since I dont really follow many. The only streamers I know are Stormen and OPSCT but I think they play NA.