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  1. hudex


    If I'm not mistaken Gamersclub uses EAC. If that's the case, the cheat won't work.
  2. hudex


    I got the code and accidently redeemed it on an alt account
  3. hudex

    [VIDEO] Blacksector PUBG - Beta testing

    Nice video! Would rather see you editing the parts out when you're just running instead of speeding them up, otherwise great job
  4. hudex

    Why you should use Blacksector

    He clearly didn't use Blacksector, which resulted in a tragedy
  5. hudex

    Honest CS:GO Review

    Aimbot 10/10 The aimbot is just perfect for my needs. Made for strictly legit use only, also very fun to play with. (See Video) ESP 9/10 ESP works very well, as you'd expect in a quality cheat. Only thing that's missing is "Visual-Only" chams. (See Video) Skin Changer 10/10 Skin-Changer works great, never encountered any problems. (See Video) Overall 10/10 This cheat is amazing and definetly worth purchasing if you're into legit-cheating. Saving & Downloading configs is super easy and you'll never encounter any problems with this cheat. (I didn't include some tabs like Misc & Triggerbot because I don't use such features, but I'm sure they work just great!)
  6. hudex

    [VIDEO] BlackSector PUBG Cheating

    Can... Not... Wait...
  7. hudex

    FORTNITE - Battleye bypass - 35 KILLS

    Nice highlight video! Wish I could say the same about the song though
  8. hudex

    pubg cheat

    Seems like it will be out very soon. They have recently set up the store page where you can review the features & such: https://blacksector.solutions/pubg-cheat# Although they have not set up a place were you can apply just yet, I'm guessing that will come once the cheat is 100% ready.
  9. hudex

    fortnite down

    Probably yes. But I would assume it will be private (invite-only).
  10. hudex

    Fortnite 38 Kills!

    This was my first and probably last game rage-hacking in Fortnite. I prefer "legit cheating". Only did this for the video
  11. hudex

    Fortnite 38 Kills!

    This video was supposed to be public, then EpicGames started striking down cheating videos.. So I thought I'd just post it here unlisted
  12. hudex

    Movie competition!

    Awesome idea.. Might participate if I come up with a good video idea
  13. hudex

    [READ ME] Fortnite CopyRight Strikes

    I believe they have stated in earlier posts that they will not be adding a stream-proof feature *not entirely sure though*
  14. hudex

    Fortnite Cheat Feedback

    Simple & Good review!